Defense Secretary Mark Esper made some hair-raising comments in a speech warning that China was employing “directed energy weapons” and “killer satellites” against the United States.

Speaking at the Air Force Association’s 2020 Virtual Air, Space & Cyber Conference on Wednesday, Esper warned that Communist China was turning space into a “war-fighting domain” using sophisticated technologies to achieve space superiority over the U.S.

“Meanwhile, in space, Moscow and Beijing have turned a once-peaceful arena into a war-fighting domain,” Esper said.

“They have weaponized space through killer satellites, directed energy weapons, and more, in an effort to exploit our systems and chip away at our military advantage.”

Esper’s comments are remarkable given questions about directed energy weapons have been roundly dismissed by the media, especially in the midst of the massive Pacific Northwest wildfires some have speculated were accelerated with directed energy weapons to sow chaos before the presidential election in tandem with numerous arsonists.

Watch Esper’s full speech below:





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