Prime Minister David Cameron used the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta to argue against the Human Rights Act incorporated into British. The Act is based on the principles of the supranational European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France.

Cameron said his government plans to replace the Act with a Bill of Rights that will affirm the supremacy of British law over that of the internationalist European Union.

“Magna Carta is something every person in Britain should be proud of. Its remaining copies may be faded, but its principles shine as brightly as ever,” Cameron said.

Mr. Cameron, however, is a bit sketchy on the document. Appearing on the David Letterman Show in 2012, Cameron was unable to answer a number of key questions about the Magna Carta and British history.

He was unable to provide a translation for Magna Carta, which is Latin for “Great Charter.” Cameron was also unable to tell Letterman where the document resides. In fact, there are multiple copies of the document: two reside in British libraries and two others are in the collections of the cathedrals at Salisbury and Lincoln.

In 2014 Cameron was criticized after he unveiled plans to teach school children in Britain about Magna Carta. Critics said he should learn more about the document and its principles himself before advocating children learn about it.

In the United States, politicians are equally as clueless about the founding documents and principles of their republic.

The Speaker of the House, John Boehner, infamously mixed and mingled the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence during a political speech while the Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, has dismissed the Constitution as irrelevant in arguments about Obamacare.

Even the President seems incapable of getting it right.

Cameron’s ignorance regarding the Magna Carta and that of Obama, Boehner, Pelosi and others on the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence should come as no surprise.

Political leaders today are not expected to be knowledgeable on law and history. They are largely expected to usher in policies formulated and handed down by the financial class and the global elite in control of both countries while their handpicked minions and a propaganda media foster the illusion that the United States and Britain are democracies.

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