The corporate media is making a big deal out of the fact Russian leader Vladimir Putin has not been seen in public since March 5.

In addition to unfounded allusions he is suffering from an illness, rumors are swirling that Putin — who is compared to Hitler and Stalin in the U.S. and Europe, largely because of his stance on the U.S. engineered coup in neighboring Ukraine — is in Switzerland where his girlfriend Alina Kabaeva has given birth to a son.

Glenn Greenwald tweets this morning that neocons are famous for wishful thinking their enemies to death. For instance, Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei.

Neocons are known for their lies and fabrications which, in the case of Iraq, resulted in the death of more than a million people.

Following the Iranian elections in 2009, the neocon Michael Ledeen cited an “excellent” source stating Khamenei had collapsed and was taken to his special clinic. Ledeen then said the Iranian religious leader had died.

Ledeen’s wishful thinking was duly picked up by the corporate media, including ABC’s George Stephanopoulos and, predictably, the Jerusalem Post, the neocon outpost in Israel.

CNN and the establishment media in the United States have attributed rumors concerning Putin’s health and even his death to the Russian blogosphere.

However, the establishment propaganda media is not beyond exploiting unfounded rumors to keep Putin in the headlines and thus continue the process of demonization as the U.S. and the European Union levy sanctions on Moscow and NATO moves troops up to the Russian border, moves designed to harass and possibly destabilize Russia politically.

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