Attributes blogger’s comments over failure of legislation to Texas Congressman

Steve Watson
October 1, 2008

CNN misquoted Ron Paul yesterday during a phone interview with the Texas Congressman regarding the failure of the bailout bill to pass through Congress.

In what some have seen as an effort to marginalize his opposition to the bailout, CNN attributed an exuberant Lew blog comment to Ron Paul.

Blogger Marc Gallagher pointed out the misquote, detailing the fact that the site the interviewer referred to was, which is not Ron Paul’s site, but rather a very popular Ron Paul site run by a supporter.

The text of the Lew Rockwell comment posted here reads:

What a heroic day! The people rose up against a coalition of every evil group in America: the central bank, Wall Street plutocrats, politicians, banksters, think tanks (including the pseudo-libertarian sort), big media, big academia, and big business, and won. Today we got a taste of what things may look like when the regime is finally toppled, and its theft and killing stopped. The Austrian economists are vindicated again, as is Rothbard’s political analysis, and our pizza party for Mises’s birthday today look on an especially festive air. The bad guys may yet beat us, but how sweet to see the CNBC types running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Now let’s get to work to defend the free market and sound money, and finger the Fed and all who support it as the culprits. Oh, and by the way, congratulations, Ron Paul.

You would think, given that the message congratulates Ron Paul in the final sentence, that CNN would realise it was written by a supporter and not officially endorsed by Paul himself. But then again, maybe expecting a nationally syndicated mainstream news network to do five minutes of fact checking is a little too much.

Watch the interview:

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