CNN is pissed that Twitter has not more aggressively censored posts by The President of the United States, complaining that the platform’s ‘fact check’ rules are ‘too rigid’ and “allow Trump to continue spreading false information about the election.”

Writer Marshall Cohen notes that while Twitter initially censored Trump back in May, “seven weeks later, and after a dozen similarly untruthful tweets from the President, that extraordinary step by Twitter looks more like a one-time aberration than the new normal.”

Cohen further complains that Trump has used the phrase “rigged election” five times in recent posts “Yet, Twitter took no action”.

“Rigid rules like these give Trump an opening to spread his harmful messaging about fraudulent elections — unencumbered — even if his posts are filled with debunked allegations and rumors,” Cohen whines.

Cohen seems to advocate that Twitter should move “into a position they’ve resisted since their inception,” that being “deciding what is true and false.”

Cohen further suggested that the news emerging concerning the huge hack of Twitter is connected to Trump spreading “Threats, vulnerabilities, viral misinfo, etc.”

Others disagreed:

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