The Chinese government has issued a strong condemnation of Shaq’s comments on free speech while praising Lebron James’ boot-licking.

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China Unveils Model for Perfect Social Score

Fentanyl The Dragon teaches stupid Americans what the U.S. model citizen should look like. Take notes and improve your social media credit score by NOT going to BANNED.VIDEO.

Chinese Govt. Threatens Users of Banned Website

Orange Man Bad. Google is GOD. Improve Your Social Media Credit Score by NOT Going To BANNED.VIDEO. This is a message from the Ministry of Truth.

NBA Publicly Bows To China

The latest message from China’s Ministry of Truth, Fentanyl The Dragon unloads on South Park the NBA, Hong Kong Protestors, basically anything with a hint of freedom.

Chinese Gov Releases Official Message To The American People

Straight from the Ministry of Propaganda, Communist Chinese Dictator Xi Jinping has unleashed a new tool in his quest to drive the American people into submission.

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