Miriam Falco
June 25, 2010

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Children over 6 months and under 9 years old who haven’t received an H1N1 vaccine yet can expect to get two doses of seasonal flu vaccine this fall, if the Centers for Disease Control adopts recommendations from its vaccine advisory committee.

The CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices voted to add this recommendation to the usual seasonal flu rules at a regularly scheduled meeting in Atlanta on Thursday.

Young children under the age of 9 who never got the H1N1 or never got seasonal flu vaccine will need to get two seasonal flu shots or sprays, says Dr. Anthony Fiore, a vaccine specialist at the CDC, who presented data to the committee. Children under the age of 6 months are too young to get any flu vaccination.

Each year the three most common strains of flu virus are chosen to be included in the seasonal flu vaccine. Because the H1N1 pandemic virus (also known as swine flu) is still the most prevalent flu virus circulating, the World Health Organization recommended this strain be one of the three strains included in the upcoming flu shots and sprays. U.S. health officials adopted those recommendations earlier this year.

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