March 25, 2009

How to get rid of pesky demonstrators? Accuse them of plotting dirty bomb and IED attacks. In Britain, this is precisely what Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is doing.

[efoods]”Miss Smith spoke of the need to confront extremists, even if they stop short of breaking the law – such as the protesters who jeered at British troops at a parade in Luton,” reports the Daily Mail. It’s a stretch to portray Muslim protesters as IED-weilding terrorists, but that is precisely what the British government is doing.

Terrorists could use Iraq-style roadside bombs to target VIPs in Britain, officials fear.

An attack by a nuclear ‘dirty bomb’, which spreads radioactive material, is also becoming more likely, according to an official report yesterday.

The British government is using this fictional scenario in order to clamp down on folks who disagree with the government. Muslims are the precedent. Soon enough it will be anybody who has a bone to pick with the government.

Britain is the incubator for police state tactics. It won’t be long before this fallacious line of reasoning is used on this side of the pond.

As the MIAC report demonstrated, the government will go to extreme lengths to portray the opposition as blood-thirsty terrorists.

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