The EU is the new Soviet Union, and the Brexit referendum is the only opportunity for the UK to escape the undemocratic European superstate, says British Lord Christopher Monckton.

“This [European Constitution] is an entirely anti-democratic constitution, in fact it’s very like the Soviet constitution on which it was modeled,” he said Wednesday on The Alex Jones Show. “All that’s happened is the Soviet constitution has moved westward, and we are now effectively the European Supreme Soviet.”

Lord Monckton explained that the globalists are using fear to deceive the public about the financial future of Britain should it decide to leave the EU.

“Don’t be fooled by all the economic arguments that the Treasury has simply made up numbers to try and say we would go bankrupt if we were out of the EU – we’ll go bankrupt for sure if we’re in it,” he said. “In the last two decades the stock market in London has had its worst two decades in 650 years of operation. That’s how well the EU has done for us.”

“The EU has generally underperformed, in the last twenty or thirty years, just about all the other developed economies,” Monckton continued. “And it is dragging all of us down with exactly this kind of bureaucratic mishmash of controls and regulations run by people we can’t elect and can’t remove.”

Monckton explained that international treaties like TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) and the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) are the new tools for implementing communism now that communism’s popularity is on the decline.

“Imagine if you, the United States, were told that you had to depend on the will of twenty seven other nations, any one of whom could say ‘no’ to you,” he said. “We have absolutely no say in Europe. That’s a dictatorship in the formal sense.”

“He [Prime Minister David Cameron] is trying, quite deliberately, to destroy Britain as an independent country so as to establish this world elite dictatorship. If anybody that’s listening thinks this sounds extreme, that is because his ambition is extreme. The ambition of these people is to do away with democracy altogether. And the single biggest threat to their plan is this vote.”

“The fact that we even got this referendum is an enormous blow against global government power,” said Monckton. “They didn’t ever want us to have this vote. And at least we’ve got the chance to have our say.”

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