The globalists are accelerating their plan to subvert European nation-state sovereignty amid Brexit by adopting an EU army, warns British Lord Christopher Monckton.

“What we have now is a gallop towards a full-on dictatorship,” Lord Moncton said on The Alex Jones Show Monday. “Here we have a proposal, again from the left in the EU, this time to bring forward the proposal for a so-called ‘EU army,’ by which they make all the armies of the EU member states into one army commanded by the unelected commissars.”

“You won’t hear a word of criticism of this on the BBC,” he added. “This is a big problem. The media are being captured by these people. And the question is whether there are still enough independent-minded media around to speak out.”

Monckton broke down the different roles the EU army and NATO would have should the EU adopt the proposal.

“The danger with the European army proposal is that there is no court to whom anyone in Europe can appeal if their governing class decides to go down this route,” he said. “This is an internal army designed to suppress the will of the people and keep them cowering in fear and to kick down the door just like the KGB if the people disagree with them.”

“That’s why they want a European army as well as NATO,” Monckton continued. “Because NATO already deals with the external defense of Europe. It’s NATO that’s kept the peace. So why do they need a European army as well as NATO? Because NATO is explicitly forbidden to police the internal affairs of member states.”

Monckton explained the political sentiment throughout Europe was rising in favor of national sovereignty and against globalist interests, with a voice of reason, sense and liberty growing louder against the increasingly aggressive, totalitarian EU.

He also revealed the elite fascists of the right and communists of the left have joined forces in the fight for totalitarianism.

“They battled each other in the 20th century, but now they are standing together against liberty,” Monckton said. “That’s the significance of this European army move. It’s that they’re so desperate. They know that the people of Europe do not love them. They know that they have failed to deliver what we would regard as useful European government.”

Monckton explained the political sentiment throughout Europe would continue to rise in favor of national sovereignty and against globalist interests even as they roll out their countermeasures.

“I think we are now seen very widely throughout Europe as being the voice of reason and sense and liberty against this increasingly cloying and increasingly aggressive totalitarian EU,” he said.

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