The unemployment rate among black Americans hit a record low in August, closing in on the gap in unemployment rates between white and black Americans. 

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics released their August report Friday, which showed the economy gained 130,000 jobs in August with the overall unemployment rate holding steady at 3.7%. The report also showed that black unemployment fell to 5.5%, which is the lowest rate recorded since the Labor Department started tracking the number in the 1970s.

The unemployment rate among white Americans in August was 3.4%, which makes the 2% unemployment gap between the two groups the lowest on record.

August was the 107th straight month that the U.S. economy added jobs, with the country reaching an almost 50-year low in the unemployment rate.

President Trump has touted reaching the previous record of low black unemployment under his administration, which was set in May 2018. He has also argued that African American voters should favor him because of the economy.

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