Louis James, Chief Metals Strategist
Casey Research
August 20, 201

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I was pounding pavement instead of kicking rocks recently, on Wall Street of all places. There were Suits hanging around outside the familiar iconic buildings, despondently smoking cigarettes. In my surely biased opinion, the feel of the place was distinctly less energetic than usual.

But what really struck me was not one, but two guys with sandwich-board placards announcing “WE BUY GOLD” – for different companies.

Just afterward, while having lunch at Rockefeller Center, my sister, a conservative mainstream banker, called and asked me how to go about buying physical gold. I knew that day was coming, just as I knew the Soviet Union was destined to collapse sooner or later from the weight of its own economic stupidity, but it was still a shocker when it happened.

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And yet, if you ask your neighbors, you’ll most likely have a hard time finding any who own gold. My New York adventures are signs of an approaching gold mania, not a present one. But I believe more firmly than ever that it’s coming.

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