David Knight is joined by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny to discuss the hidden globalist agenda of Bill Gates and what the people of the world can do to prepare to resist it.

Why do people like Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci pretend vaccination is the only way to treat COVID-19?

Just seven years ago, Dr. Fauci promoted lab tests involving a combination of drugs including hydroxychloroquine in antiviral experiments on a SARS-like coronavirus.

“Even though the treatment hasn’t gone through definitive trials,” he said, “if I were a physician in a hospital and someone were dying, rather than do nothing, you can see if these work.”

Tenpenny and Knight also dive into travel restrictions, the eugenics movement, transhumanism and many other topics you won’t hear discussed on mainstream media.

If you want to participate in society, you must have the mark of the beast and take this vaccine… That is unless you speak out against this tyranny now and stop it in its tracks.

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