Austrian media mogul Oscar Bronner, along with several other Bilderberg members were confronted by Infowars reporters as they arrived at Innsbruck Airport after the conclusion of the secretive conference.

Bronner, publisher of Der Standard, a major national daily broadsheet newspaper published in Vienna, spent the last few days meeting with influential power brokers from the world of politics, media, academia, business and banking at the elitist confab in Telfs, Austria, safely enclosed behind a huge security operation enforced by over 2,000 police.

Bronner stated, “It was a very interesting meeting,” before referring to the Bilderberg Group’s official website for the list of topics that were discussed (the topics are so vague as to be almost meaningless).

Infowars reporter Rob Dew also spoke with Karl Sevelda, CEO of Austria’s Raiffeisen Bank, who was traveling with Bronner.

When Dew asked for his name, Sevelda chided the reporter by holding up his name tag and asking, “can you read?”

“You must be a rich person,” said Sevelda when he suggested Dew was holidaying in Austria. “Not as rich as you are,” responded Dew.

During a subsequent confrontation, Dew told Bronner that he wouldn’t be harassed by reporters if Bilderberg published details of their conference, and that 2,000 police and a total lock down of the region was overkill.

“That’s your opinion, you’re entitled to your opinion,” said Bronner.

German reporter Tilman Knechtel, who also confronted Bilderberg steering committee member and Vice Chair of Rothschild Europe Franco Bernabè earlier in the day (see video below), also had the opportunity to speak with Rudolf Scholten, CEO of Austria’s Kontrollbank, and also a Bilderberg steering committee member.

Scholten was angered by the confrontation and walked away before one of his aides told Knechtel to stop filming.

Scholten then walked back out to the observation deck to join Karl Sevelda, who asked Knechtel who he was. Knechtel asked a number of further questions but Scholten refused to say a word.

Oscar Bronner then asked, “Would you please leave us alone, that’s not how press acts.”

“Yeah not what you’re used to, but that’s what press is supposed to do,” responded Knechtel.

Police then arrived on the scene to escort Knechtel away from the observation deck.

Being able to pin down Bilderberg members during the secretive confab is notoriously difficult because they are elusive and refuse to speak to the media.

Infowars was able to photograph innumerable Bilderbergers arriving at Innsbruck Airport, with high quality images and video to be posted later.

Scenes at the airport were sometimes frantic, with police sometimes running to keep journalists away from arriving Bilderbergers.

Ryanir CEO Michael O’Leary looked wary of journalists as he exited his vehicle.

Another Bilderberg was asked about the group’s plans for “world domination” as he entered the terminal building.

Former head of the World Bank James Wolfensohn denied that he had even attended the Bilderberg meeting.

Prime Minister of Portugal and former President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso appeared happy at being appointed as a Bilderberg steering committee member.

Klaus Kleinfeld, head of Aloca & TPP lobbyist, was one of the earlier arrivals at the airport.

Other Bilderbergers sat on the airport’s flight observation deck before they left.

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