The Bilderberg meeting is now international news after German police detained Infowars reporters covering the event, which became the top story on the Drudge Report.

The mainstream media has since been forced to cover the secret, annual meeting between global leaders they’ve spent years denying ever existed.

On June 8, Paul Joseph Watson reported he, Rob Dew and Josh Owens were detained by police in Dresden and individually searched in the middle of the street while returning to their hotel rooms after dinner.

“They tried to intimidate the press,” he said. “The search was pretty intensive; it lasted for about 45 minutes.”

Watson also said they were threatened with arrest if they continued to “cause trouble,” i.e. simply doing their jobs as journalists to cover the meeting from outside the event.

“The mainstream media won’t cover this, so we have to,” he pointed out. “We have to go through this every year just to shine a light on Bilderberg because the mainstream media refuses to do so.”

Watson later posted footage of the search, which Drudge gave international attention by making it the top story on his site.

This entire incident highlights how alternative press is now the dominant media in the world by spotlighting an international incident which the mainstream media attempted to ignore.

Ever since world leaders started meeting in secret at the annual Bilderberg conferences beginning in the 1950s, the corporate media spent decades denying the meetings were taking place despite the Bilderberg Group creating the European Union, the Euro, the 1973 Oil Crisis and other world-changing events.

“What actually happens at the world’s most secretive gathering of global elites, and who is attending?” The London Independent was finally forced to report. “The list of the rich and powerful attending this year’s Bilderberg Conference has been released – and it includes bankers, prime ministers and former heads of the CIA and MI6.”

Bilderberg members are primarily “technocrats” who believe government should be ran by “central planners” – such as scientists and tech leaders – as opposed to elected officials.

“[It] is a process of regulatory management and does not refer to representative government, as it is commonly understood,” Bilderberg expert Patrick M. Wood wrote in his book Technocracy Rising. “The regulators are unelected ‘experts’ who answer to no one, as is the case with the European Union, for instance.”

It shouldn’t be a surprise then why the Bilderberg attendees was utmost secrecy from the public – and why they’re pressing police to intimidate the press.

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