Editor’s Note: Stories like this are proof that the high-end luxury sector has never been more vibrant, and can be seen in part as verification that there is a massive upward transfer of wealth taking place in the economy. Bentley reports that the US is its best market at present, all this with a starting price of $200,000 per automobile.

The Independent

January 3, 2012

Luxury car company Bentley today reported soaring sales for 2011, with a big increase in purchases in China.

The company, based at Crewe in Cheshire, sold 7,003 cars last year, with December 2011 proving Bentley’s second-best month ever.

The company said the UK had proved “extremely challenging over the past months” but that UK sales, at 1,031 for 2011, were still more than 5% up on 2010.

America was Bentley’s biggest market last year, accounting for 2,011 of the total cars sold – a figure 32% higher than in 2010.

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