Gray and Burguiere laugh away dangers of aspartame despite Beck’s own listeners urging Fox News personality to ditch sodas in bid to cure his poor eyesight

Paul Joseph Watson
Monday, October 11, 2010

Glenn Beck radio show sidekicks Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere waded in on the controversy surrounding Beck’s poor health today after an article which was featured on the Drudge Report warned that Beck’s poor eyesight was probably related to the amount of aspartame he consumes in drinking large amounts of Diet Coke.

Watch the clip.

Gray and Burguiere attempt to debunk concerns about the health dangers of aspartame by pointing out that Donald Rumsfeld, who was instrumental in pushing aspartame on drinks manufacturers in the early 80’s, would have had no motivation in sickening consumers of coca-cola because he would have been killing his clients.

But Rumsfeld was head of a pharmaceutical company – G. D. Searle – the manufacturer of aspartame – which was eventually absorbed by big pharma giant Pfizer. If everyone was healthy all of the time, pharmaceutical companies would all but cease to exist. Big pharma makes profit from sickness not health, so Rumsfeld’s motivation for pushing a known carcinogen makes perfect sense.

The two sidekicks sophomorically attempt to dismiss the issue by making out as if Infowars had claimed that Donald Rumsfeld had directly poisoned Beck’s soda with a plague. They also claim that the evidence Infowars had collated for the piece comprised of “one sentence in a New York Times article”.

In reality, Kurt Nimmo’s story cited numerous health professionals warning of the very serious and documented side-effects caused by aspartame, including the principle threat, aspartame by-product methanol, which is metabolized by the body to create formaldehyde, a cancerous carcinogen.

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Burguiere then goes on to list a number of studies that claim aspartame is completely safe to consume, without mentioning the fact that the vast majority of them were funded by, you guessed it, the aspartame industry.

In 1996, Dr. Ralph Walton found that every single one of the 74 studies conducted on aspartame that was funded by the aspartame industry, groups like Monsanto, G.D. Searle and ILSI, concluded that aspartame posed no health risks. Therefore Burguiere’s citation of these studies is about as credible as pointing to a study conducted by Marlboro, Camel and Winston dismissing the link between cigarette smoking and cancer.

Numerous independent controlled studies (not ones conducted by corporations who sell aspartame products) using human subjects have concluded that aspartame is deadly. They are Camfield (1992), Elsas (1988), Gulya (1992), Koehler (1988), Kulczycki (1995), Spiers (1988), Van Den Eeden (1994), Walton (1993). Indeed, out of 90 independently-funded studies, 83 of them found one or more problems caused by aspartame.

Glenn Beck’s own Fox News reported in 2005 that artificial sweeteners had been linked to a “wide range of cancers” after a study involving rats conducted by researchers from the European Ramazzini Foundation.

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Beck’s sidekicks also point to FDA studies dismissing the dangers of aspartame in an attempt to debunk health concerns.

A story by Rishi Mehta, associate commentary editor for the University of Connecticut Daily Campus newspaper, puts the FDA studies in context: “In 1981, after over 15 years of FDA disapproval of aspartame, (Donald) Rumsfeld said in a Searle sales meeting that he would use ‘political rather than scientific means’ to finally get FDA approval. Only 20 days later, Ronald Reagan was sworn in as 40th President of the United States, appointing Rumsfeld as Special Envoy to the Middle East and Arthur Hayes Hull Jr. – a friend of Rumsfeld’s – to FDA commissioner.”

The FDA has also been caught removing negative data from government studies that indicated aspartame was dangerous to humans.

According to consumer rights group Mission Possible, “Since its 1981 approval, the FDA has published a list of 92 symptoms of aspartame poisoning, which includes headaches, vision loss including blindness, seizures, neurological problems, cardiovascular problems and death. The FDA admits adverse reactions to aspartame comprise about 80 percent of consumer complaints it receives each year.”

The FDA knowingly approves drugs every year that have been proven to contribute to deadly health problems. Being forced to cite studies conducted by the completely politicized, bought off and corrupt Federal Drug Administration reveals the desperation of Gray and Burguiere’s argument.

Almost all the You Tube comments in response to the video express vehement disagreement with Gray and Burguiere and the majority of respondents on Beck’s own website also point out that aspartame is no laughing matter.

“My husband and I both started getting strange neurological symptoms when we started drinking aspartame drinks. As a chemist, I narrowed it down to the aspartame so we both went off it. Problem solved. He has drunk Diet Coke a few times since and the problem always reappeared,” writes one listener.

Another talks about how a myriad of different undiagnosed health problems, including eye problems, were solved when he stopped drinking diet sodas containing aspartame.

“I didn’t believe it then I overheard my daughter’s friend saying how bad aspartame was and quit drinking diet drinks. I haven’t had any symptoms since I quit. It has been several years now and I am symptom free. My husband thought he was slowly watching me die when all this was happening,” writes Terry Waldrop.

We would urge Glenn Beck to follow the advice of many of his listeners and stop consuming diet drinks containing aspartame for a trial period of one month. Once Beck feels the improvement in health for himself, he will know that aspartame is no laughing matter, and it will be the people who cared enough to deliver this warning – and not the sophomoric denial of co-hosts Gray and Burguiere – who are to thank for this transformation.

But aspartame is not only found in Diet Coke, it now appears in some 6,000 food and drink products, including all brands of children’s chewing gum.

The challenge is set not just for Glenn Beck but for the millions of people who became informed about this issue as a result of our original article hitting the Drudge Report – stop drinking coca-cola for a month, stop consuming aspartame products, and see how much better you feel. Read the label and refuse to buy anything containing aspartame or similar artificial sweeteners.

You will then begin to understand how food is being used as a weapon to keep us all sick while ensuring the pharmaceutical industry continues to make vast profits from the one thing that keeps them thriving – sickness and disease.

If you still need convincing, we suggest you watch the excellent documentary below which features numerous health professionals warning about the dangers of aspartame.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show. Watson has been interviewed by many publications and radio shows, including Vanity Fair and Coast to Coast AM, America’s most listened to late night talk show.

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