A detained German terrorist told authorities that Chancellor Angela Merkel can expect an Islamic blitzkrieg from returning fighters.

Lawyers for a disillusioned member of the Islamic State group say the man, known only as Harry S, wants to “come clean.” The 27-year-old from Bremen told Der Spiegel that he “saw it all” and wants to talk. He is the first terrorist to help intelligence officials piece together the fate of German-speaking jihadists Mohamed Mahmoud and Berlin rapper Denis Cusper, known as “Deso Dogg.”

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Harry S, who was radicalized after meeting a Salafist René Marc S (known as the Emir of Gröpelingen), during a prison stint in 2010, said he spent three months in ISIS-controlled territory before returning home in July. Authorities say he also carried the ISIS flag in an execution video released by the Sunni terror group.

“He is a lackey who allowed himself to be misled by the propaganda of ISIS and who misled himself,” the terrorist’s lawyer, Udo Würtz, told the magazine Wednesday.

Harry S said he was twice approached by ISIS members in the spring to conduct terror attacks inside Germany, but told them he was not ready. He fled Syria in the middle of the night after months of witnessing executions.

“I walked and walked” the terrorist said of his trek to Turkey. Der Spiegel said that much of Harry S’s testimony has been confirmed by security officials with access to other terror suspects.

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