The United States district court judge overseeing the class-action lawsuit against Trump University is a member of the La Raza Lawyers of San Diego.

According to the Daily Caller, Gonzalo Curiel openly admitted in a 2011 judicial questionnaire to having a long history with the group – whose name translates to none other than “the race.”

The controversial judge, who has attended at least two La Raza Lawyers of San Diego meetings and was involved with giving “a law school scholarship to an illegal alien,” is also a supporter of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“I think first of all it’s important to establish that the judge is not only a Mexican radical, he’s a Hillary Clinton contributor,” political insider Roger Stone told Alex Jones Saturday.

The judge’s position is seen by many as a conflict of interest given his public support of illegal immigration.

Meanwhile, the media has all but completely overlooked a massive educational scandal involving both Bill and Hillary Clinton that dwarfs accusations leveled towards Trump.

“Trump University was a real estate course and it was a very successful one for many people. Now there were a very small percentage of students who were unhappy with the success of the course because they didn’t go out and make a million dollars immediately,” Stone said.

“There’s an overwhelming satisfaction rate. The number of dollars involved here are relatively small. This scandal pales in comparison to Laureate University.”

As detailed by multiple journalists including Breitbart’s Stephen K. Bannon, Bill was forced to step down as honorary chancellor of Laureate Education last year after several shocking revelations surfaced.

“The reason for Clinton’s immediate departure: Clinton Cash revealed, and Bloomberg confirmed, that Laureate funneled Bill Clinton $16.46 million over five years while Hillary Clinton’s State Dept. pumped at least $55 million to a group run by Laureate’s founder and chairman, Douglas Becker, a man with strong ties to the Clinton Global Initiative,” Bannon writes.

“Laureate has donated between $1 million and $5 million (donations are reported in ranges, not exact amounts) to the Clinton Foundation. Progressive billionaire George Soros is also a Laureate financial backer.”

Daily Caller writer Peter Schweizer noted in 2015 that with “$4 billion in annual revenue, Laureate Education is America’s largest for-profit college company.”

As more facts regarding the looming and gargantuan Laureate debacle are uncovered, Trump’s alleged scandal
will appear even more infinitesimally small in comparison – especially given the ties to Clinton by the very judge expected to fairly rule over the Trump University case.

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