Anti-Trump activists, ‘Bikers for Trump’ and riot police will all face each other at a Trump event where six anti-Trump protestors were already arrested.

Bikers For Trump Riding To Wisconsin To Stop Soros Agitators

Pro Trump Biker groups are planning on attending future Trump rallies to insure he gets his ability to speak and that supporters are able to safely attend.

Trump will give a speech at the Janesville, Wisc., Conference Center on Wednesday, which is connected to a Holiday Inn Express where four women and two men, all from Madison, were arrested the night before while staging a ‘sit-in’ protest.

Local police told Infowars the city has experienced volatile protests in the past, including a recent demonstration against a local pet store.

It’s also likely some of the same activists from the recent, violent anti-Trump protests in nearby Chicago will make an appearance.

Monday night’s sit-in protest was apparently an attempt by leftist protestors to intimidate the hotel into cancelling the Trump event.

“An organizer told The Gazette earlier that the Monday protest was a last-ditch effort to convince the hotel and/or the city to cancel Trump’s appearance in order to prevent violence,” the local GazetteXtra reported. “The hotel’s owners on Monday afternoon issued a statement saying they would not cancel.”

Furthermore, bikers in support of Trump said they would show up at the event in response to the planned protest.

“Patriotic bikers, from all across the U.S. are planning to show up at ALL future Trump rallies to make sure that any paid agitator protesters don’t take away Mr. Trump’s right to speak or interfere with the rights of Trump supporters to safely attend,” a press release from the group stated. “We shall not be silenced!”

Local police with riot gear stood guard in the hotel lobby all night and were expecting people to start pouring in Wednesday morning.

Infowars will be covering the event live from the ground. Follow Rob Dew on Twitter @dewznews for breaking news on the Trump protests.

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