Al-Shabab, the Somalia-based jihadi terrorist group affiliated with al Qaeda, threatened to attack “non-believers” in Kenya during Ramadan, continuing what has become an annual offensive during the Islamic holy month. Amid constant clashes between Somali forces and al-Shabab, jihadist leaders have continued to push for greater violence against non-Muslims, echoing earlier rhetoric from the Islamic State group.

“We are planning to give Kenyan non-believers a true taste of Jihad [the holy war] in the next few days and weeks,” a senior al-Shabab commander said, according to Christian Post, adding that they will keep “targeting and destroying Kenya’s education sector and business sector.”

Kenya has been under attack by al-Shabab since 2011, after Kenyan troops entered Somalia to fight the terrorist group, reports the Nigerian Vanguard. In April, al-Shabab attacked Garissa University College in Kenya and killed 152 people, sparking international outrage.

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