Thomas DiLorenzo
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August 27, 2010

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First of all, it’s not at “ground zero.” It’s several blocks away at an old Burlington Coat Factory store surrounded by three strip joints according to newspaper articles.

More importantly, the main reason the neoconmen are going apesh_ _ over this is that it is all part of their propaganda campaign to convince Americans that “we” are at war with ALL MUSLIMS, and will be forever. No one, not even crazy old wild-eyed Newt Gingrich, has suggested that the people who want to build this mosque are associated with bin Laden. But like bin Laden, they are Muslims.

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This of course is the one idea that defines the Republican Party today: war forevermore (and war profits for the war profiteers who fund both parties). War is the health of the state, and the Republican Party likes it that way. So do the Obammunists.

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