A new report from the Census Bureau revealed that about a quarter of older millennials aged 25 to 34 who are living at home are neither working nor in school. A full third of young people between the ages of 18 and 34 are living at home, these millennials are putting off marriage, and young men are falling behind economically.

Young people today define adulthood in terms of schooling and full-time employment, more so than moving out of their parents’ house and starting families of their own. They consider marriage to be a capstone after economic stability, and get married much later, compared to earlier generations. Interestingly, however, they move in with romantic partners at about the same time as earlier generations got married.

Even so, more young people live in their parents’ home than in any other arrangement. A full third of millennials lived with their folks in 2015. A mere ten years earlier, in 2005, the majority of young adults lived in their own household, which was the predominant living arrangement in 35 states. In 2015, only six states had a majority of millennials on their own.

Perhaps this shift reflects the attitudes of millennials. When it comes to becoming an adult, the vast majority of young people say completing formal schooling was extremely (62 percent) or somewhat (33 percent) important. Similar numbers say the same about being employed full-time (52 percent extremely, 43 percent somewhat).

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