With our society turning men into domesticated economic units, and with new technological gadgets turning us more and more into mere subjects who respond to machines rather than control them, we as men and people are becoming dull and cultureless.

Against this materialist force, I think it’s imperative that we rediscover and restore some of our past cultural practices so that we can preserve our sophistication as human beings and as independent men.

1. Handwriting

With computers, smartphones, and other electronic communication devices becoming universal tools in our age, hand-written words have become the casualty to pave the way for utility and efficiency. Stringing words together is becoming less of an art and more of a task—a mere means to an end. You can tell just how sloppy writing has become today as the dependence on auto-correct allows the typer to never think about his use of words and letters. The use of language and the written words themselves are becoming uglier with each passing day as less and less people use a pen for anything more than filling out forms and signing documents.

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