Owen Shroyer

I was born and raised in St. Louis. It was there in high school when I started to work and experiment in media. Most of my effort was focused on sports media or entertainment. It began at CBC high school in St. Louis, and continued through college when I finished my studies at University Missouri - St. Louis, where I studied media and psychology.

After working in television and radio, mainly in sports, I began to gain an interest in politics. Specifically, after the Boston Marathon Bombing, I went from a steeple, grazing on the plains of the bread and circus, to taking the red pill daily, which landed me here, with Infowars.

I am most recognized from my encounter with AIDS Skrillex and Carl The Cuck in St. Louis, and a confrontation with Van Jones in Cleveland.

When I can get away from the effects of the red pill, I enjoy music and exercise, and other various "deplorable" activities.