Alex Jones and InfoWars Censored Again, This Time by Facebook

Donna Anderson | This isn’t the first time content has been censored on Facebook, which advertises the fact that content posted on the site falls under public domain.

Coast to Coast AM at its best: Alex Jones and a banking fraud special

Donna Anderson | Alex Jones appeared on Coast to Coast AM on Friday, August 24, 2012, for a discussion on threats to free speech as well as gun control, and the corporate takeover of America.

DHS Documents Show Big Sis Spying On Infowars! | Alex Jones reports on DHS spying documents.

FOIA Documents: DHS Monitored Opposition to ‘See Something, Say Something’ Program

Paul Joseph Watson | Federal agency tracked Infowars stories, user comments.

A Look Back in Pictures at Bilderberg 2012 | A smattering of pictures compiled from throughout the web.

NC Sen. Phil Berger & Rep. Bert Jones still haven’t responded to Nullify-NDAA Petition | Contact our reps and senator and get them to follow the Constitution.

U.S. Bilderberg Attendees Violating Federal Law, Activists Say

New American | U.S. citizens attending the controversial confab are potentially committing a felony by violating the Logan Act.

The Enemy Expatriation Act: No different than the Nazi Nuremberg Laws

Brian D. Hill | The U.S. Congress is now considering a bill that will allow the government to take away citizenship of anybody considered hostile towards the U.S.

Occupy D.C.’s website promotes world law and socialism

Brian D. Hill | Disturbing information on group’s website promoting world law and socialism.

CONFIRMED: Psychiatric Manual DSM-IV-TR Labels free Thinkers, non conformers as Mentally Ill

Brian D. HIll | It is now confirmed that the DSM-IV-TR Manual labels free thinkers, non conformers, civil disobedient advocates and those that question authority as mentally ill or as having “oppositional defiant disorder” (ODD).

Founder of was a former director of the Dallas Federal Reserve

Brian D. Hill | I had my suspicions over the Fair tax proposal because the Bilderberg’s have used false messiahs.