French intellectual Eric Zemmour says that the western elite have revolted and stopped guiding their peoples, a reversal that is destined to bring about a “terrible confrontation”.

During a recent talk the author noted that “usually in history it is the elites who guide their peoples” but that now “we have the elites who switched to doing something else, who don’t want to guide their peoples anymore, who don’t want to know them any longer, who are sort of in a their own world.”

Labeling the phenomenon the “Revolt of the Elites,” Zemmour said that ordinary people are finally beginning to understand that the elite does not have their best interests at heart and that “the peoples are revolting against this Revolt of the Elites.”

He went on to explain that two different factions are now in play and that voting in elections can be roughly be broken down into two camps.

On one side are those who have been left behind by globalism, native people living in small towns and in rural areas, and on the other side the elite themselves aligned with migrants and children of migrants, managers and “highly trained professionals”.

Zemmour believes that this situation will bring about a “terrible confrontation” and that “today there are European peoples who have become conscious of this great danger.”

“For now it’s only an electoral [confrontation]. That’s all I have to say about that,” said Zemmour, hinting that the clash could one day be physical, which isn’t a stretch given what has been taking place in major French cities over the past few months with Yellow Vest protests and riots.

In the first part of his speech, Zemmour outlined why the elite pushes for mass immigration – because native populations are no longer willing to do menial jobs and see their standard of living drop year after year, creating the need for a new servant class to be imported from Africa and the Middle East.

In the second part of his speech, the author noted that in France the consequences of this were entire areas of the country under de facto sharia law with Arab gangs completely in control of the streets and police fearful of entering.


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