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Iran Fears Quake Toll Could Hit 40,000

Israel says it will retaliate for blast
The Scotsman -- ISRAEL will target and kill Palestinian militants in retaliation for a suicide bombing that killed four Israelis, senior security sources said yesterday

Israel's nuclear program

Merry Christmas: Enjoy your "made in china" goods while Christians in China have are terrorized, detained and have their churches bulldozed-- China Cracks Down on Unofficial Worship

...and Execution Vans Drive Through City Streets
Taipei Times

Has Hampton Court ghost been caught on film?
ITV -- 12/20/03

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Recent World News Headlines
U.S. Arms Sales to Israel End Up In China, Iraq
UN satellites eye Israeli barrier
China Thanks Bush for Taiwan Stance
Beijing Issues New Warning Against Move Toward Independence
Diana was Pregnant
Grand Irony: Solzhenitsyn congratulated on 85th birthday by Russian President Putin
UK: Govt Urged to Ban Tobacco
Date set for princess's inquest
Court blocks Sharon appointment
Problem-Reaction-Solution: Jewish settlers shocked and outraged that at least four Israeli soldiers were arrested for selling ammunition to Palestinian militants
Soldiers 'sold ammunition to Palestinians'
Nicaragua village in grip of madness
China Sentences Two to Life for Sex Party
Diana crash 'merits same scrutiny as Kelly death'
Diana's death likened to MI6 plot
Pakistan on high alert after Musharraf assassination bid
Italian Senate OKs Fertility Restriction
Here in the US, they're Giving Them Out Like Candy: UK may ban antidepressants for children
Defendant part of big cannibal scene, detective tells court
UK: Jail Cut for Man Who Stabbed Burglar to Death
Kim Jong-Il goes underground
France split by proposal to ban Islamic headscarves and crucifixes in schools
5 Killed in Suicide Attack in Russia
Cannibal 'murder' shown to court
Sex slavery rampant in Turkey
Italy Was Warned of Iraq Attack
Cannibal Freak hungry for More
Back To The Bad Old Days In Russia
Putin to assume the power of a Tsar
UK: New Bill will 'be the back door to legal euthanasia'
Transvestite pedophile 'art' wins Turner Prize
Just Like Bush's Fake Turkey Photo Op, the Queen Visits a Fake Marketplace in Nigeria, Putting on the Face with Propaganda and Lies
They can't even be bothered to lie to you anymore: Queen visits mock Nigeria village
Lawyer quits terror cases after death threat He believes Came from an intelligence Agency
CPS "LOVE": CPS Caregiver has been convicted of locking a 6-year-old girl in a clothes dryer, where the girl ate, slept, urinated and defecated, for weeks at a time
Dozens die in Russian train blast
FLASHBACK: Assassination of Russia - Previous bombings carried out by FSB
Medical journal calls for total UK smoking ban
As Society Breaks Down, Sick and Troubled People Seek More Twisted and Horrible "Kicks" -- Like this Cannibal and His Willing Victim, Too Ill for Words...
Japan to Introduce Missile Defense System, Report Says
Return of the KGB
Marilyn Manson Faces Swiss Criminal Probe
Australia: Disabled children kept in cage
Viennese shelter, once home to young Hitler, closes its doors
UK: Drivers face mobile phone fines
UK: Army 'forcing out sick Gulf war veterans'
Online Porn Driving Sexually Aggressive Children
China angry at US tariff threat

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