Mac Slavo
May 12, 2013

There is a new national threat that has, apparently, been making headline news all over the country in recent years. According to law enforcement officials in Washington that domestic terror threat involves armed and angry parents acting in concert to take over a school.

It’s an active shooter situation that police officers, SWAT and emergency response personnel are currently simulating in training exercises.

The question is, why?

Two shooters went on a simulated rampage… they pretended to be angry parents at a school.

The idea was to test the response of police and firefighters to  a situation that was right out of the news headlines.

“We’ve been dealing with this cross-country for years.”


While we understand that police require simulated training exercises for active shooter situations, especially given the events of the last year, why was this particular scenario chosen?

When was the last time a coordinated attack on a school by angry parents made headlines?

What news headlines?

I read a lot of news every day and these “angry parents” taking over a school at gunpoint, requiring SWAT intervention, somehow completely escaped my notice!

Well, it must be true, because the police officer in charge said, “We’ve been dealing with this across the country for years.”

Where?  When?

Once upon a time, police were there to protect people like parents, children, the elderly, and pregnant ladies.  But the lines are being drawn and great effort is being undertaken to create a new breed of villains for the “authorities” to fight – and those villains are us.

Via The Organic Prepper

Let’s consider the circumstances that would have to occur for not one, but two or more parents to lay armed siege to a school.

There’s only one real scenario that comes to mind, and you’d more than likely have to be a prepper or conspiracy theorist to even contemplate the possibility.

The schools which our kids attend have “shelter-in-place” emergency procedures that would be enacted in the event of an emergency such as a nuclear, chemical or biological attack. During these emergencies schools are to be locked down with no unofficial access into the buildings until the all-clear has been given. It’s unclear based on district procedures just what the shelter-in-place order means and what steps parents would need to take to get their kids out of school – or whether they could even take their kids out of school based on the emergency.

But basically, it boils down to this: If there is a widespread emergency, and a school locks down and refuses parental access to children, then and only then could we envision a scenario where parents might take it upon themselves to evacuate their children by force.

The ‘event’ in question would likely need to be mass scale, or perceived as mass scale, in order for a parent to be so adamant about getting their child out of the school that they would take to armed violence to get them out.

Is this what police are training for?

Someone, somewhere obviously thinks there is a legitimate reason for this type of training simulation.

We understand that for the average police officer the simulation is business as usual and their intention is to be prepared for the next Sandy Hook or Columbine, but something doesn’t add up here.

Why would the media claim this scenario is “right out of the news headlines?”

Who designed the simulation criteria?

And why?

Are we overreacting, or is this just another piece to the puzzle that includes government agencies simulating the collapse of our financial system, war-gaming civil unrest scenarios with the US military, stockpiling ammunition by the warehouse load, and recruiting personnel for detention camps?

Yes, it sounds crazy. Perhaps totally implausible.

But how else can we explain what’s going on in this country?


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