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Alex Jones Interviews X-Files/Lone Gunmen Star Dean Haglund

Lone Gunmen/X-Files actor, Dean Haglund, who played the role of Richard 'Ringo' Langly in both series was in Austin to interview Alex Jones for his new polemic documentary on the mindset of modern-day America. Dean kindly agreed to an on-camera interview himself.

Jones and Haglund talked about the Lone Gunmen episode that aired prior to September 11th in which an inside faction of the government posing as terrorists hijacks a 727 by remote control and targets the World Trade Center.

Haglund stated that after years of writing the X-files, the FBI and NASA would approach Chris Carter with plots for stories. He also discussed the fact that the CIA have since the 80's hired informants posting as psychics to attend Hollywood parties and report back the the CIA on general trends and talking points.

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911:  The Road to Tyranny