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Oakhurst to alter its label
Maine Press-Herald -- Oakhurst Dairy will change its milk carton labels to settle a lawsuit filed against the Maine milk dealer by chemical giant Monsanto, which manufactures artificial growth hormones for cows.

Companies deny blame for botched vaccine buy
AJC -- Two companies involved in Georgia's botched $1.65 million flu vaccine deal say they are not at fault and blame two Florida pharmaceutical companies for failure to deliver the vaccines.

Come on Over! Bush Pushing to Legalize Illegals
Washington Post --"Lobbyists working with the White House said Bush is developing a plan that would allow immigrants to cross the border legally if jobs are waiting for them. The sources said the administration also wants to provide a way for some undocumented workers in the United States to move toward legal status."

Beware of Attempts to Revive Military Draft

White House Faulted on Uranium Claim
Washington Post --" The President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board has concluded that the White House made a questionable claim in January's State of the Union address about Saddam Hussein's efforts to obtain nuclear materials because of its desperation to show that Hussein had an active program to develop nuclear weapons"

Sniper Malvo Gets Life in Va. Slaying
AP -- 12/23/03

Mexican Troops Fire on U.S. Border Watchers

13-Year-Old Indiana Girl Faces DUI Arrest
5 Channel Cincinnati -- 12/24/03

Terri Schiavo: Judge ready to rule in case of brain-damaged Florida woman
CNN -- 12/23/03

FDA Investigating Reports of Unlicensed Influenza Vaccine
FDA -- 12/23/03

Ratings and Distractions: Jacko CBS Special a 'Go'
FOX News 12/23/03


Bush's Propagandic Poultry Prop: This Turkey Was Never Meant for eating, (But What a Photo Op!)

This Thanksgiving, our troops were treated to Bush Prancing Around Displaying a Delicious looking Turkey they were never intended to Eat. -- (Click here for the washington Post Article)

Surprised? You Shouldn't be -- We've come to expect these poorly thought out fake photo ops from the Bush Crew:

Remember Bush's Photo Pose to Promote America's "Strengthening" Economy in front of Boxes with "Made in America" Stickered Over Their Real Labels -- "Made in China?"... (Click here for the CNN Article)

Remember How Bush Told His Wealthy Donors to Take off Their Ties so They Would Look Like "Ordinary People" -- (Click Here for the Article)

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People Hearing Persistent, Mysterious Hum Aren't Alone
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Mics Found At Santa Barbara Sheriff's HQ
Protests mark Bush's first visit to Las Vegas as president
Family Values: Bush brother's divorce reveals sex romps
America's Gulags

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