Editor’s note: Infowars offers its support and prayers for all the victims of gun violence. This article isn’t an endorsement of Professor Tracy’s claims about Sandy Hook.

Administrators at Florida Atlantic University are recommending that a professor who espouses controversial views on the Sandy Hook school shooting be fired.

On Wednesday, university officials notified Professor James Tracy, PhD, one of the foremost academic figures researching the events at Sandy Hook, that he had ten days to appeal their decision, according to CBS News.

Prof. Tracy, who teaches a course on “American Media” and a class entitled “Culture of Conspiracy,” was recently the target of a Sun-Sentinel op-ed urging the university to re-consider his employment.

In a response posted to Facebook attributed to Tracy, the professor cites the FAU Academic Affairs Faculty Handbook which states, “A faculty member’s activities which fall outside the scope of employment shall constitute misconduct only if such activities adversely affect the legitimate interests of the University.”

“Do ‘the legitimate interests of the university’ include the pursuit of truth?” Professor Tracy asked, going on to list various inconsistencies and discrepancies which should warrant further investigation.

Since the shooting three years ago, prominent academics and security experts alike have placed their reputations on the line demanding a closer look into the various suspicious circumstances surrounding the event.

Check out Infowars’ previous interview with Professor Tracy:

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