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Interview of Greg Palast
November 4, 2002
Alex Jones Radio Show

AJ: He is an investigative reporter. He’s talked about Lord Wakeham, head of N.M. Rothschild trying to censor him. He broke the story, one of the biggest stories of the last year. In fact, one of the biggest stories ever and I’m serious when I say that about a thousand pages getting leaked out of the World Bank. And, of course, the defection of Stiglitz, the chief economist of the World Bank. Their plan to implode economies, their four-part plan. We are going to recap that today and get the latest developments from this investigative journalist, who I would call a populist, because – you know, Greg Palast is a hero of the left, but this guy went after Bill Clinton. He exposes this corporate elite that is big government, that is socialistic in their consolidation of the public trust, then consolidating that into their private hands. We are dealing with a command and control system, ladies and gentlemen, and he does real investigative journalism like they did in this country one-hundred years ago. We are honored to have him.

What’s the latest info that you are working on, sir? Good to have you on.

GP: Okay, great to be on Alex. And by the way, that’s the famous, I guess I’m not the darling of the left anymore, they are very upset with me. The problem is that my target is not the left or the right. My target is a very small privileged elite which thinks that the globe is their toy. And I think that journalists, like you say the old time journalists, muckrakers, used to think that that was their job to uncover that stuff. And it’s kind of gone out of style. So, but I’m glad that you’ve opened up a chink in the electronic Berlin wall here to get this information out. So I really do appreciate it.

I’ve been working on a lot of things. One, I just came back from Caracas, Venezuela. And the U.S. government and the banks and the oil companies have been working out on the president of Venezuela - the communist dictator and etc. What they don’t tell you is the reason they are out after this guy is that he is not just the president of Venezuela; he is the president of OPEC. And he has doubled the royalties on oil companies taking oil out of Venezuela. Not many people know that Venezuela is our main supplier of oil in this hemisphere.

AJ: Seven days before the attempted coup, on the legitimately elected president of Venezuela, you said look for a coup in the next month.

GP: That’s right.

AJ: And the transcript and that audio file are on the selected interview section of Greg, how did you call that one with such precision?

GP: Well, actually, it wasn’t a big guess. I guess, now I can tell you, is that I got a call from, I spoke to the Secretary General of OPEC in Vienna. And he had received, ah, Khadafi had contacted him to threaten a boycott against the United States. Khadafi is no great, wonderful guy. And the head of OPEC reminded him that OPEC has now banned political boycotts. Nevertheless, the word got out to the U.S. And the head of OPEC realized well what can the U.S. do to counter any threat of a boycott or, let’s say, we do invade Iraq, those oil fields will be on fire. Where do you suddenly find an extra million or two million barrels of oil? Our supposed friends, the Saudi Arabians, won’t give us an extra drop if all of our factories start shutting down. They’d be thrilled to see us go under – the Saudis. Where do we get the oil? And the answer would be from Venezuela, which can produce an extra two million barrels of oil at the flip of a switch. And, but there is a fear in the Bush Administration that the president of Venezuela will not go along and give this oil to Exxon, which controls most of the oil in Venezuela.

AJ: Well let’s expand on this point of him supposedly being a communist. Now, he’s not a communist.

GP: Oh no, he’s a very religious Catholic. You know, he’s from the old style kind of progressive land-reform guy. He believes in land reform and redistribution of wealth in Venezuela, where you have a tiny-weenie elite. You can’t compare it to the United States. You’ve got this tiny elite with giant plantations in big giant apartments in Caracas.

AJ: Well, let me expand on that. It is pointless, what his political persuasion is. I’m tired of this corporate elite, this Carlyle Group, you know CIA-pan axis, telling me that they are going to fight communists when they are telling us that China’s our ally, when they are selling political dissidents organs, giving nuclear reactors to North Korea. I watched the history channel and they now admit that the CIA actually put Mao into power, they put Fidel into power, they helped prop Ho Chi Minh up until 1963. It’s the same story over and over again. They call somebody a communist when they want the natural resources. Now, I guess it’s not communist, they call them terrorists.

GP: Yeah, see communist doesn’t work too well anymore, especially when we are selling equipment to the Chinese to go pulling out the fingernails of Christian priests.


AJ: Bush just said two weeks ago, Greg Palast, that ah you can ahead and have Taiwan, China.

GP: Well, you know it’s so, after all the biggest nation supporting the communist Chinese is the current administration in the White House. And so now it’s terrorism. But the President of Venezuela, and by the way whether we like him or not, whether he’s a wonderful guy or not, he’s elected. And when someone, a journalist did ask them at the White House, surprisingly, how can you move to overthrow an elected official, an elected president? And the White House response was – well, winning a majority of the vote does not make your government legitimate. That’s a pretty interesting statement out of the White House.

AJ: Yeah, we’ve saw that before.

GP: And in fact, by the way, that’s another thing I want to bring up at some point is what’s happening Tuesday with the monkeying with votes again. I’m just deeply disturbed about the information I’ve uncovering out of Florida, once again. But no question, out of Venezuela, we are seeing this. Turkey is, now we have an Islamic government that’s taking over in Turkey. That’s going to be really lovely. And how did that happen? That happened because the IMF/World Bank squeezed that nation until it screamed. My books, by the way, are very popular in Turkey because I tried to explain what’s going on with the World Bank and the IMF reform.....

AJ: Well, I’ll tell you what, let’s explain it, can we revert back to that interview about a year ago?

GP: Oh, sure.

AJ: Concerning the four-part World Bank/IMF plan and Stiglitz, and break down those four points. I mean, this is a big deal. I mean people are saying why are the economies imploding and the government is saying give us control of your lives – we’re here to save you when their own documents show they’re engineering it. Please go over that, sir.

GP: Okay, well what happened is that about a year ago, I received a good thousand pages of documents from inside the World Bank and the IMF, the International Monetary Fund, based out of Washington. These are the two organizations which work in coordination with the WTO, World Trade Organization, and they are in control of the world movement of capital. They are, in effect, the central bank and the, kind of a Treasury Dept. for the planet. And, of course, they work very closely with banks out of New York. And, I say of course, I didn’t get this information from inside. So, I’m looking at these documents..

AJ: Well, it’s the same private owners of the stocks of these banks, Dutch Royal family, British royal family, and others.

GP: Well, what you have is that you have, in the documents I have, and I have some of them photocopied in the book. I’m going to try to get more on the web. I’ve just been..


GP: I’ll be putting up more. And, by the way, the U.S. version of my book, much expanded, will be coming out in February. But, in the meantime, from BBC television and the Guardian newspapers, which is considered the most prestigious of papers on the planet, I received these documents. And they’d say, officially, don’t look at this, World Bank – you have to be authorized. And each cover says Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela, Botswana, and it has all these nations. And it has for each nation an economic program. When you look at the economic program, most of them have these very nice names like Poverty Reduction Strategy. And you think, boy or boy, they are really going to help out these nations. So why is it secret if it’s going to be so helpful? Have you ever heard of anyone kind of secretly helping someone? So, why the secrecy? And you open this stuff up and these are programs which point-by-point, I mean they go on for sometimes one-hundred pages, and they have specific demands on each country. Which if they don’t agree to – they call them conditionalities – and they average 114 conditionalities per nation. You get your international finance – it’s cut off unless you agree to the whole package. And one nation after another is required to sell-off their water systems, electric systems to foreign operators. It requires the sale of the banks to foreign operators, allowing, changing rules to allow the banks to remove the capital from nations. And one of the most tragic cases I saw was Argentina where the economy was, where the...

AJ: And they call it the IMF riot. They know it’s going to create riots.

GP: Well yeah, one of the things I should mention is that, in the plans they say we know, for example in the case of Ecuador, it actually says that this will cause social unrest if you implement this plan. Which, and so I, now the former chief economist of the World Bank is named Joe Stiglitz. And the guy is not some type of whacko. The man just won the Nobel Prize in economics, okay? Now, I spoke to him for hours at Cambridge University and at one of the schools of economics where we both lectured – and I’m an economist as well, by the way. And he basically said that they have a plan which they know, and they called it internally the IMF Riot, they deliberately knew that these plans would set off riots and cause these capitols of these nations to burn down.

AJ: And that causes the economy to further implode and they have a consolidation.

GP: And then everything is up for sale – cheap.

AJ: Greg Palast, we’ll be back in a just few minutes. Stay right there....


AJ: He has written multiple books. The website is Greg, have you seen the new Council on Foreign Relations report they put out about a week and a half ago – “America Still Unprepared - America Still in Danger,” by Gary Hart and Rudman?

GP: Regarding Saudi Arabia? I just saw another one of the reports, but go ahead, maybe you’re talking about a different one.

AJ: Well, it just says that give total control to a select group of corporations, under CFR control, nationalize basically everything but have control of the private corporations, put troops in all the factories and on the streets – or, they say on page 31, eighty to eighty plus percent will die in major cities. They say if we follow their orders only 20% of us are going to die. This is an incredibly chilling document. “America Still Unprepared – America Still in Danger,” Report of an Independent Task Force, Sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations. And these are all the Carlyle Group people – these are the names you expose.

GP: Yeah, I know Alex, the Council on Foreign Relations is always doing a great job of saving us from ourselves. And, in a democracy, I prefer the vote to the Council.

AJ: Certainly, in our Constitutional Republic, but what I’m trying to say here Greg Palast is that what’s in the IMF plan for total takeover by the international banks is exactly what's in this 40-page report.

GP: Yeah, it’s the same group. In fact, Stiglitz told me, you know, he would sit around with people in the U.S. Treasury, also Joe Stiglitz was the chief economist in the World Bank. He was in Clinton’s cabinet as the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors. And he would say, some of these top guys in the Treasury, I can’t give you the names he gave me, but you would recognize them. And we’d sit around and say well, does this policy, how does this policy float in the CitiBank? And literally, they’re sitting around the Treasury Dept., you know, like these guys don’t even hear themselves and understand what they were saying. Maybe, they did and they just got so used to it. He said since when is that the touchstone of our domestic and foreign economic policy is how it plays at Citibank. They actually believe in this stuff. I mean that’s something that you have to understand. They believe that they are really saving us. I don’t believe that they are doing it just because they’re – it does make them all very rich, like Robert Rubin. I think he’s making one-hundred million dollars a year and he goes from the U.S. Treasury to CitiBank. And he doesn’t see that as a conflict. He sees that as helping the world.....

AJ: Well, these are just managers. Yeah, they are the chosen ones. They need to run our lives (crosstalk)

GP: Yeah, they are the operators. That’s right. They’re not the owners. But what I should mention reading these reports, there are repercussions for us. I mean, I don’t care if these guys are running around trying to run our planet if they did a good job of it. The problem is, for example, when the IMF and World Bank seized the economy of Turkey. I just got their Turkish internal report that’s secret. The problem is that they destroyed the economy by requiring the nation to raise interest rates through the roof. Imagine if you had credit card purchases that cost you 250%? Exactly what would you buy tomorrow? So that destroys an economy. The economy starts going down. And today, an Islamic Party, this weekend an Islamic Party was just elected to power in Turkey. And every single report says the same thing. The people there don’t care about these Islamic fundamentalists but they are so tired of being impoverished by their current leaders going along with the World Bank plan that they turn to the Islamic Party. Unfortunately, they turn to the Islamic Party and that comes back to haunt the rest of the planet. So there are repercussions.

AJ: Now, let’s understand because in the reports and in your book, in your interview that you did, that we did, and you posted a transcript on your site that’s gone worldwide, as you said and published in many newspapers, Mr. Palast, they admit though that they want to destabilize countries so they can’t pay back the debt. I mean, isn’t that part of the 4-part plan?

GP: Yeah, they want to, I mean, they don’t, they wouldn’t say to themselves so we can become rich, what they say is well if there’s a little instability, which is masked by what they call resolve, meaning troops in the street. Then they'll be no visible dissent to our program to what they would call rationalize the economy, which is to turn them over. But like in the case of Argentina, the water systems were turned over to Enron Corporation and Vivendi Corporation of France. And Enron took the Buenos Aires water system and the assets disappeared, all the workers were fired, the pipes started breaking, the water was contaminated, the bills went up and so there were, of course, people in the streets throwing rocks and burning cars. And so, it has repercussions because it comes back to us. Then Enron implodes and the United States taxpayer is now on the hook for the cost in Argentina. Did you know that our government treasury is now going to have to pay for the costs of repairing the Argentine system that Enron wrecked. I don’t know, you know they took off with millions, if not billions of dollars...

AJ: Oh yeah, all their Cayman Island offshore accounts. We know that they just imploded that as a dummy corporation having transferred the actual wealth before the implosion.

GP: I mean, the problem is that we are backing up through our Export-Import Bank through our Export Guarantee Corporation, it’s U.S. taxpayer money.

AJ: What are we going to hit on when we get back, Greg? What are some of the points, real quick.

GP: Tuesday, the election and the Saudis, our buddies.

AJ: Alright, stay right there and we’ll also take calls at 800-259-9231.


AJ: Welcome back, folks. I’m Alex Jones. It’s real radio, crashing through the phony left-right paradigm, showing you who really runs the planet. We’re talking to award-winning journalist from the BBC and author, Greg Palast, here on the show with us. We are about to go to Eleanor, Richard and others, who are holding. The toll-free number to join us on the air: 1-800-259-9231, if you have any questions or comments for Greg Palast, 1-800-259-9231. Greg, one more quick question about the water. I remember seeing articles through the PR firms, the mainstream media, that there’s no fresh water. You are going to have to pay hundreds of dollars now for what would cost dollars years ago. Then I watched these international corporations that own the central banks grabbing up all the water supplies worldwide, trying to make farmers put meters on their wells, and in very temperate areas, lots of water with aquifers brimming. And we see this consolidation; this really is fascism. They socialize the wealth and transfer it through a wealth pipeline, no pun intended, to themselves. I mean how does this whole water thing work?

GP: You know, the water pirates are just amazing. And by the way, here’s a great one for you. You know who’s one of their big buddies is Jeb Bush out of Florida. He was behind the scenes to turn over to a company named Azurix, the fresh water that comes out of the Everglades. Which right now, anyone from any of these cities can take the fresh water from the Everglades without cost to consumers. At the moment, the water is being contaminated by sugar plantations – big, big contributors to the Bush family and, by the way, to the Democratic Party. They are the biggest contributors to both parties in Florida. Isn’t that interesting? And those guys who are destroying the water of the Everglades, rather than being told to clean up their act, which would cost them about $800 million. Instead, this company Azurix said, well you give us the water, we’ll clean it up, as long as you let us resell it. Azurix was until a couple of months ago, a 100% owned subsidiary of Enron.

AJ: As if they own water that was already there. Meanwhile they are forcing the families and the neighborhoods out, saying they are going to flood their land and using the phony environmental movement to clean them off the land so they can own it, when they are the ones actually hurting the environment. It’s just so classic.

GP: Yeah, in fact, I’m concerned because I saw this happen in Britain where the water was privatized and the water bills went up 250%. Enron took over a big company called Essex Water. It got to the point where you could get arrested in Britain for watering your lawn during certain weeks.

AJ: Now, let’s understand this. They call it privatization but it’s not. It’s like Hitler saying, “ all right Herman Goerring, we’re going to privatize this factory. You own it now.” I mean that’s all their doing. This is not free market.

GP: Well, you know, the guy that ordered the privatization in Britain is a guy named Lord Wakeham, what a character. And he was on the audit committee of the Board of Directors of Enron. And yet, here’s the guy, the guy who sold Enron the water system, sold Enron the electric system of Britain. And who was supposedly in charge of monitoring their books on their Board of Directors.

AJ: But then again, he’s the head of N.M. Rothschild.

GP: And also, Wakeham, he’s connected to most of the major international banks. Plus, he’s actually a voting member of the House of Lords. So you know, he didn’t miss a trick. So these are the guys who are making these wonderful decisions. Do I trust their decisions? Are they looking out for the interests of the average person? I have a few doubts about that.

AJ: Well, my point is, they really fund the phony mainstream environmental movement. They use it to grab people’s land while they are the ones putting in MTB in the fuel. They’re the ones dumping the toxic wastes in the ocean and then they’re like, oh we’ve got to save the environment. Take everybody’s ranch property.

GP: Well, I’m very concerned that there are, that there’s a huge mis-direction sometimes in the environmental movement. Not looking to the corporate powers, which are grabbing these properties. And we did have some problems with some of the green groups who thought it would be a brilliant move to use market mechanisms to save the environment – like raising the price of water to ranchers and to farmers.

AJ: And it just so happens that these international corporations are going to own that water.

GP: Yeah, and the problem is that you raise the price and all that does is allow the water and power pirates to come in and seize the property.

AJ: There you go and now, Greg Palast, I know you’ve studied this in depth, I’m seeing Democrats just caught here in Austin, rigging the electronic voting machines. It was in our paper Thursday. I never even covered it. You got lots of little Democratic scams going on down at the micro level.

GP: The Democrats are becoming, it’s very interesting, the Democrats have perfected retail vote stealing and the Republicans are perfecting wholesale vote stealing.

AJ: There you go. Break it down for us.

GP: They tend to divide the market in vote fraud. They have their own monopoly. The interesting one, of course, that will be significant, is in Florida where brother Jeb is running for his life, for reelection. And I’ve uncovered, before the presidential election, for BBC television in 2000 that Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris had knocked off, I thought 57,000. Now, by the way, Harris says it was 94,000 people off the voter roles - most of them, or about half of them, African Americans - most of them Democrats. And now she has signed an agreement with the courts of Florida to return these people to the voter roles. This is tens of thousands of voters. And guess what? They are not going to be able to do it by Tuesday’s election when Jeb Bush is on the ballot. So you are going to see tens of thousands of voters, mostly Democrats, about half of them African American, not permitted to vote in the Tuesday's elections. And it’s going to be a squeaker by absolutely everyone’s analysis. So you have the right point. There is no monopoly of any party on vote theft. It’s just that in Florida, the Republicans have complete control of the machinery.

AJ: Yeah, I’ve known of some Democrats who stuff the ballot boxes, run the scams at the county level – even in Republican counties. I don’t know how they get away with it. We’ve caught them several times here in Austin. But then at the national level, the Republicans do it from the very seats of power.

GP: The Republicans are more sophisticated. I actually talked to Terry McAuliffe, the head of the Democratic Party. The Republicans have figured out how to use computers and are pushing toward computerizing all the voting systems of America. In fact, that came out in what is called weirdly the Martin Luther King Voting Reform Act of 2002. I’m sure Dr. King is spinning in his grave ...

AJ: Chuckie Schumer is co-sponsoring that which shows that some of the Democrats are going along with it.

GP: I know. I’ve very nervous because you know what it is it’s an incumbent reelection insurance plan. The Democrats like it. The Republicans like it who are in office because, for example, in New York Democrats control the voting machinery in many areas. So they don’t mind centralized computing where they can monkey with the vote. And the Republicans certainly like it in Florida where they control the machinery. I mean, how many politicians have gone together and shook hands on a system which will keep the incumbents incumbent? The problem is that once you centralize, once you have these massive central computerized voting systems, including control of the registry, then you get...

AJ: With zero checks and balances.

GP: Well let’s look at it this way. Florida just used the, what’s called, a company called, ES&S, the new voting machines, the touch-screen voting. In some offices, you had 19,000 voters with 29,000 votes cast. I mean, you can have goof-ups and manipulations and games played with computers on a scale that you can’t imagine with the old games of, you know, filling out fake applications.

AJ: Well, as of Thursday’s Austin American Statesman, there were eight signed affidavits. Now, it’s over 500, I’m told – where at one voting center, at one HEB here in Austin grocery store voting area, you go in the Democrat election judges say, here just press this, especially to Hispanics who can’t speak English. They press and vote straight Democratic tickets. Now that’s just local level and that’s confirmed and nothing is going to be done about it.

GP: Yeah, well because the incumbents in each party who have control of their own little areas, it kind of like a wink and nod, we don’t question what you’re doing. You know the most amazing thing about Florida is that while the NAACP suit over the removal of these tens of thousands of black voters, innocent people, removed from the voter roles on the grounds that they are felons who committed crimes. I had one guy – I actually have, I was able to obtain the actual computer files from Katherine Harris’s office, the actual computer files. They have people, there was one guy named Thomas Cooper, it shows him convicted on January 30th, 2007. This is the type of junk that they use to knock people out. It’s all garbage, right? And they admit it’s garbage. The company that came up with the list said it was garbage. The company made an announcement that they will never do this again. You can’t do this stuff honestly with computers. And don’t forget that there is a connection between the computerization of the voter roles and the computerization of the so-called anti-terrorism record. It’s the same company that computerizes voter roles in Florida and basically led to this massive vote fraud in Florida that’s going to happen on Tuesday. It’s called Choicepoint out of Atlanta. They are the number one beneficiary of the war on terror. That’s a quote from Forbes Magazine, by the way. They said we don’t know who’s lost the war on terror but we know who’s won. The Choicepoint Company, which has 20 billion records on every living person in the United States, 20 billion records, including, by the way, they are building a national DNA database. Now, I don’t know about you but I don’t feel safer from terrorists when the United States government has a DNA database on me...

AJ: Wired Magazine reported that hundreds of grocery stores, dozens of chains have put pressure sensors under the tiles on the floor, biometric face-scanning cameras and microphones. This is in hundreds of stores right now. And they are building digital algorithms, psychological outlays by your purchases, how long you linger, by what you do, then they instantly upload your credit card purchases into a NSA databank. That’s Wired Magazine. I mean this is going past the big brother.

GP: Well you have to understand, the new anti-terrorism law has a provision which I found very, that concerned me greatly. For the first time, the U.S. Justice Dept. will be entitled to access private databases like this company Choicepoint.

AJ: And they can share.

GP: And it used to be that you had to go to court. You know the constitution under the 5th amendment says you have to go get a warrant to break into people’s homes in effect. Well breaking into a private database, the courts used to say that’s the equivalent of breaking into someone’s home. And now under the anti-terrorist bill, the U.S. Justice Department has the right to kind of go leafing through computer files without a warrant.

AJ: Well, the sneak-and-peek provision, Section 213, (USA PATRIOT Act) says they can do it in your actual home, business, library and then order you, if you catch them there, to not tell anyone.

GP: I’m very concerned about this especially with Choicepoint and its DNA database because I don’t like the combination fact that this is the company that through its database manipulation of voter roles of Florida, they, in effect, by computer chose our president and now he’s chosen them for the biggest contract in anti-terrorism.

AJ: By the way, I have a report here out of Ohio where they are going door-to-door to collect blood samples and just asking people to do it. They are now taking blood from all babies in all the major states and admittedly putting it into this database. Were you aware of that?

GP: Yeah, well, you know they are doing this, they are saying, for example, like Choicepoint, this company, that selected our president, now they are making billions. They’re doing things, like they got a big play on ABC television saying that they have been able to spring innocent men from jail who had committed rape because they used their DNA – ah, were accused of committing rape because they used their DNA database to prove that they are innocent. They use a couple of good, good things that they use the database so that they find a missing child through this DNA database. So everyone says oh yeah take my baby’s blood. Well, before you do that, there’s nothing, unless they give you a contract that says this will only be used in case your child is missing or lost and you agree to release this information.

AJ: Well, the Supreme Court has ruled that they can take that blood, get a protein out of it or a genetic system, and then patent it. Also, they can frame you with it.

GP: Well the problem is, I just think that, you know, the new expansion of, by using the cover of anti-terrorism, to break into our personal files, lives, and even our DNA sequences, I just worry whether that actually makes us a lot safer. And you know, what we are not doing, on the other side of the coin, is our buddies the Saudis, who this week announced that if we do attack Iraq, they are not going to give us any help.

AJ: Let’s talk about that in a second. Let’s take a few calls or we’ll never get to them.


AJ: Let’s talk to Richard in Florida. Richard, you are on the air, go ahead.

Richard: Hello, Alex?

AJ: Yes Richard, go ahead.

Richard: I have a question for Greg. I personally don’t deny the existence, I believe in it but to a skeptic how can I prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that W199Eye is a legitimate document?

GP: The book, I’m going to have it in the updated version of my book an actual copy of these documents.

AJ: Well, you have several pages.

GP: But there is, right now, a book called, “The Forbidden Truth”, which was just put out in its English edition, which has added some of these documents. All W199 says is that, it shows that the U.S. FBI had closed and then on September 13th of 2001, two days after the attack on the World Trade Center, re-opened that investigation of the bin Laden family, indicating that the investigation had been previously shut down.

AJ: Look, I read the document here on air. The thing is on-line. It was in nine major newspapers. You can go to and print it off. You’ve got the government blocking investigations of al Qaeda, of the bin Ladens, of Humas. We’ve got FBI agent Robert Wright. We’ve got Judicial Watch head Larry Klayman. And David Schippers at the National Press Club giving an hour-long press conference of how they were blocked from stopping al Queda and hijackers at bases. That’s been all over the news.

GP: There is a massive suit brought by the attorney, it’s a multi-trillion dollar suit for the victims of September 11th, against the Saudi government.

AJ: And the New York Times just reported that that’s been thrown out.

GP: Yes, because the U.S. government is stepping in, not because there’s not evidence, but the U.S. government is stepping in saying that the lawsuit is a threat to U.S. national security. Now finding out who killed the people on September 11th, who backed al Qaeda, who backed these terrorists and gave them money, it strikes me that that’s in the interest of our national security. As opposed to, it’s because what this, what the lawsuit was saying and it uses some of the material that I had, while I was very appreciative, is that.. By the way, French intelligence is now, confirmed, some of the things that I had been informed of. For example, in May of 1996, there was a meeting of the al Qaeda financial arm with Saudi Arabian billionaires to determine how much money will go from Saudi Arabia to al Qaeda and which billionaires will pay what.

AJ: On June 6, 2001, the LA Times reported Bush sent $135 million more to the Taliban and al Qaeda.

GP: Right, and that was supposedly for their moves to irradiate opium.

AJ: Yeah, right.

GP: In Afghanistan, you know of course, it doesn’t mean that they don’t use the money for torturing their fellow citizens. But what I’m very concerned about was the Saudi funding of the al Qaeda network. Now, I’ve have mentioned that on Alex’s show last year. I had gotten that information from not the best of sources, not the most savory sources. I got that from international arms dealers who were involved in the meeting. As it now turns out, French Intelligence has confirmed the meeting. And not only that but I discovered that French Intelligence actually had a mole in the meeting and we now have the information from the meeting.

AJ: I want to hear about that when we get back. I hope that answers your question, Richard. Final segment with Greg Palast coming up.


AJ: Alright, Greg Palast’s book, “The Best Democracy Money can Buy” has two pages of W199Eye in it and he said that the new edition, coming out here in the next few months in the United States, will have more of the documents. BBC, Times of London, French news, India news, it all reported it. Bush knew, Bush blocked the FBI, you know, headlines like that. You can go and read those stories on in the Bush news section. So you can simply go check that out or find out more at They posted more of those documents up there. Greg, I know I’ve been running over you a lot and you’ve said a lot. There’s just so many points to hit. Here in the last few minutes, any other key areas you want to hit on.

GP: Well, like I said, I’m concerned about this vote theft on Tuesday. I’m concerned that if we go into Iraq, look out for 48 hours later that they’re going to assassinate the president of Venezuela. They talk about Saddam but it’s Venezuela that they want. And, by the way, I want to tie in a couple of these things. They all tie up together, these stories, you know. Which is that when in the case of Venezuela, we are looking at a president who is dissented from the new globalization order. And that’s why they call him a communist and a dictator, etc. As one of his ministers said, we are the people who have dissented from the IMF and the World Bank. They cannot let this man survive.

AJ: Well, so has Malaysia, too.

GP: Well, yeah, Malaysia and other countries have said forget it, that they have been, they’ve gotten away because they have other financial resources, as well.

AJ: And they have a couple trillion dollars of sweet crude they’re sitting on.

GP: Yeah and so if you’re sitting on oil, you are sitting on a powder keg. So that’s the danger. I would look out, always look for the news that they are not telling you about. If they are telling you about Iraq, you’d better look at the other side of the globe and see what the real agenda is.

AJ: I agree, so Iraq is being used as a massive smoke screen for the economy imploding, the IMF/World Bank moving, assassinations,
coup-detates and police state here domestically.

GP: Iraq is the weapon of mass distraction. They just want to take your eye off the ball.

AJ: Now they are saying that Iraq, Greg, they’re saying that Iraq is going to attack us for sure when we attack them. I say that’s going to be a CIA op.

GP: Well, what I’m very concerned about is, again, my concern is the lack of investigation of our so-called buddies the Saudis. By the way, my new book will be discussing the fact that the Saudis backed the creation of the Islamic bomb. And when I asked the CIA agents and the FBI agents, exactly what investigations were killed by Bush before September 11th, don’t just tell me that investigations were killed, give me an example. And specifically, it was something, one of the investigations was of Kahn Industries. Kahn Industries is the kind of private company which actually put together the atomic bomb for Pakistan. Now, we’ve got a nutcase dictator, Islamic fundamentalist dictator, in Pakistan, who’d become George Bush’s best friend. But this guy has actually threatened to use the atomic bomb, he’s got missiles.

AJ: And then the head of the ISI wires $100,000 to Mohamad Atta. He’s meeting with Porter Goss and Graham the morning of September 11th, eating breakfast. This whole thing reeks of a takeover. Thirty seconds left. What about this French meeting? What did they say with their mole inside this meeting with the global...

GP: Well, French Intelligence has confirmed that the Saudis had agreed to give money to al Qaeda. And, by the way, the terrible thing is because apparently they were slow in paying off al Qaeda, that’s why our Marines were killed at the Khobar Towers. It was a little delinquency payment, you know a delinquent payment notice to the Saudis.

AJ: Alright, Greg Palast, keep up the great work. I hope to get you back on soon.