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Alex Jones Radio Show
Nov. 8, 2002
Partial Transcript

Alex Jones:

They are doing precisely, exactly what I said they would do. And I even predicted they would try to connect it to the Michigan militia, following the same pattern of Oklahoma City.

They are now saying that there are al Qaeda training camps in South America. Translate that into CIA training camps in South America and that is connected to the American right-wing. Now I figured this out over two years ago. Why would they have Iraqis involved in the Oklahoma City bombing and then cover it up when good police arrested the Iraqis with the eye witnesses pointing them out. Clinton ordered the Iraqis released. They declared national security in two separate Freedom of Information Act trials. On the surveillance cameras, they would never release those. So we had FBI in the building. We even know their names, with CIA, actually planting the bombs. We have the diversionary blasts outside with McVeigh and Al Hussaini Hussain of the Iraqi Republican Guard.

They connect Oklahoma City to right-wing with their McVeigh patsy they had traveling around the country trying to meet with every right-winger he could, creating that trail. They then set up the Omnibus Crime bill, Effective Death Penalty package, the anti-terrorism package. Those three separate pieces of legislation, two separate pieces of legislation, they got that passed. And I kept saying, you watch they are waiting on this to link it up and to say that the American right-wing works for Saddam and bin Laden.

This is a massive set-up and they are now activating it. This is the first thing Bush’s people put out after they sweep the House, the Senate and, of course, the executive and now the judicial - the first time since the Great Depression. And they’re moving hard; they’re moving fast. We’ve got to get ahead of this thing which I tried to do years and months ago on this show. We’ve got to let people understand what’s really going on here.

This is how they are going to activate Homeland Security against the American people, ladies and gentlemen. It is dastardly. It is wicked. It’s cold-blooded. It is New World Order MO, one-hundred and ten percent. They are now doing it. The government bombs Oklahoma City and they blame it on the right wing. They involve Iraqis and set-up that trail. When they bring it out that Iraq bombed Oklahoma City which they’ve already been doing in the national news, we need to point out: Well, why did you then seize the surveillance cameras, all 12 of them – the tapes, showing the Iraqis? Why would police arrest them to order their release? We need to start asking that question when they try to do this. That’s the most powerful tool we’ve got. Call every talk show now. Call every radio show. Call C-Span in the morning whenever they open those phones up. Call the White House. Call Congress and tell them: Hey, why did you grab those surveillance camera tapes then – that show the Islamics bombing the building, the Iraqis. Why didn’t you keep them in custody after they’d been arrested? Clinton, why did you order their release? Why did George Bush, Sr. bring 3,400 of them in after the Gulf War? Why? Why? Why?

The answer is simple. This government is illegitimate and is behind the attacks. That is an absolute documented fact.

I’ll cover the transcript. I’ll cover all the other news. There is so much of it today. Infowars.com is the website. Infowars.com


All right, we are attempting right now to get Joe Pilchak on the show. He was a gubernatorial candidate in Michigan and, of course, he was former commander of the Michigan Militia which had a lot of good people in it but which was thoroughly infiltrated by the globalists and set-up for patsy operations, years ago. Why am I bringing this up? With Bush saying we are going into Iraq and saying that Iraq is sure to attack us, perhaps with nuclear weapons. I’ve got all this news – just incredible stuff.

The UN Council okays Iraq resolution as I told you they would. It was all theatre to act like they were deliberating and to empower the United Nations. Why am I saying this? Because I told you over and over again, listeners, that I had figured out two and one-half years ago their plan. Connect right-wing militia groups, conservatives, Christians, home-schoolers, what the FBI has in their manuals, with al Qaeda, with Iraq and with all these other organizations. Bottom line, ladies and gentlemen. And now they’ve done it. I told you right before they go into Iraq, I told you this, they’ll bring out news connecting the right wing with the terrorists, with the Islamists. Then they will go into Iraq and they will kill Saddam. And as soon as they kill Saddam, as soon as they know he’s dead and it won’t be announced on the news, they will detonate weapons in this country. They will level cities. They will release biologicals. They will create untold mayhem. That is, the government will. And now they are doing it. Now I’m more sure than ever. I’ve gone from 95% sure to 98% sure. Do you hear me? From 95% sure to 98% sure. We can drive that down to 50-50 by totally getting on the phones, going absolutely ape and calling and telling everybody and pointing this out. Pointing out why did good FBI arrest 5 members of the Iraqi Republican Guard who were involved in the Oklahoma City bombing with the FBI and the CIA. Why were they ordered to release them by Bill Clinton? Why did George Bush, Sr. bring these Iraqis in, who had been trained here in the ‘80s, brought back in in the early 90s. Why did they declare national security on the surveillance camera tapes – showing the Iraqis bombing? Because they were saving that until they were ready to move in, take out Iraq. You see they could have done that in ’91 but they weren’t ready. They needed to get their terrorism police state set-up here first. Then they move ahead with the next phase.

I’m giving you the actual policy analysis and strategy and operational program manual. I’ve never seen it but I know what it reads, word for word, because an organization as big as the New World Order has to set up its different cadres, it’s compartmentalized systems. It has to give them orders. It has to put out directives that we can read. And, at the same time, it has to prepare as a Gallighter, prepare the ground, the minds of the people of who the enemy is and what’s going to happen. So analyzing the propaganda, the declassified reports we have and the long-term strategy, I know exactly, precisely, 110% totally what their program is. And it is horrible. It is horrible.

We are here preparing to go into the final phase of the New World Order takeover, ladies and gentlemen.

It is mind-blowing. And you’re saying, okay Alex, what are you getting at? Connie Chung, last night’s transcript, CNN Connie Chung Tonight. And she came back and said, from one of her reports:

“But what about al Qaeda? A new article in “Vanity Fair” raises the disturbing specter of al Qaeda training camps in a terrorist haven closer to the U.S. than may have been imagined, right in South America, in the region where Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil meet, known as the Triple Border. How long has American intelligence known about this? And could information from the region have prevented September 11?”

They go on to say they have confirmed information from Bush, from the CIA. Yes, the people carrying out the terrorist attacks, that they have the Michigan militia, White Supremacists and al Qaeda training there. If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge on the moon I want to sell you. This is asinine.

So here’s the program. Here’s the operation in your face.

“Sabastian Junger, Contributing Editor, “Vanity Fair”

“Chung: All right, based on your reporting, what can you tell us about Triple Border?”

“Well, Junger says, it’s an area with a lot of black market activity, a large Muslim population. And Hezbollah has been there for about 10 years.”

Well, who founded Hezbollah in 1973 according to a ten-part report by United Press International? Israel.

“They mounted two attacks in Argentina from there in the early 90s. And now it looks like al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations from around the world are there as well.”

“Chung: Did the United States know about this Triple Border?”

“Yes and no. My understanding – is always a murky story, of course – but the CIA asked Argentina intelligence to infiltrate Triple Border in the mid-90s to find out about Hezbollah. And when Argentine intelligence came back with was not only Hezbollah, but al Qaeda. And that was so incredible to the CIA, they basically dismissed it. They said, “That’s not possible.””

Yeah, right.

“Now they have picked it up quite vigorously, of course. But, for a while, they lost a couple of years there.”

“Chung: And you connected with a former Argentine intelligence officer. And the most shocking thing, I think, is that, seven months before 9/11, he wrote a letter to U.S. authorities. “

“Junger: Yes, he wrote a letter. He claims he wrote a letter to Ambassador Walsh in Argentina, warning of attacks on September 11. He didn’t say September 11, but he said in the next half-year or so that suicide pilots will fly planes into buildings. “

Yeah, we said that here on the air. Because the U.S. government was setting it up.

“That is corroborated by a young Moroccan who was al Qaeda operative in Brazil named Abdel Fatah, who one week beforehand, had a change of heart and tried to get a letter to U.S. authorities warning about September 11. “

Just like the Talaban minister gave us specifics two weeks before and he is the only one in custody now, of any high-level al Qaeda or Taliban? Everybody warned this government. They were running the operation.

“Clearly he was ignored. Clearly, this information was on the street in South America in the months preceding September 11, Why would that be? Well, obviously, al Qaeda is there.”

“Chung: Well, did this former intelligence officer, Argentinian, specify even the buildings and what would be hit?”

“Junger: Yes, he had a list. He said White House. Obviously, they weren’t all hit. But he said possible targets are White House, Congress, Twin Towers, Pentagon.”

Well, yeah, they have 95 government reports saying that, I would add.

“He also said the planes would have explosives in them, which, apparently, they didn’t. But obviously, his information is not perfect, but he had an extraordinary amount of detailed knowledge, and also about who was in the Triple Border. He has names, surveillance photos of Hezbollah and al Qaeda agents who have passed through there.”

By the way, they have had all the phony right-wing talk show hosts on their shows saying the right-wing is behind the attacks. Isn’t it funny that right-wing hosts we are supposed to trust are going, ‘yeah, it’s the right wing, spouting the ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, Simon Weisenthal Center line that the ADL is putting out. It’s all disinfo. I’m hearing this all over. Now they are putting it out on CNN. You see where this is going? To continue.

“Chung: Well, but, then, why did the United States not consider him credible? Why didn’t authorities here take it seriously?”

“Junger: Well, to be fair, I think U.S. authorities get a lot of sort of crackpots who contact them about sort of catastrophic warnings. I think they get a lot of that. My contact down there also has a very complicated history with his own government. He tried to warn his own government about terrorist attacks. They ignored him. He spent some time in jail. He’s a complicated figure.”

By the way, some of these bombing, I’ve already researched, that went on down in Latin America. They’re all CIA. It was always against a government that they didn’t like or against a government they did like but then blamed it on rebels.

“I also think, ultimately, they couldn’t imagine that it could be true.”

“Chung: Now, you mentioned that he also provided photographs that you were able to examine. “

“Junger: Yes. He has dozens and dozens of photographs of men who he says are al Queda and Hezbollah operatives down there. “

“Chung: And did he pass this along to U.S. authorities as well?”

“Junger: He passed them along to me, and I sent them along.”

“Chung: And what did they consist of? Were they people that are now identifiable or prospective terrorists?”

“Junger: He’s identified them, including American right-wing extremists who are down there, who have been down there since the mid-‘80s.”

“Chung: You mean Aryan Nations?”

“Junger: Yes, Aryan Nations, Michigan Militia, photos and names of these guys. One was ex-special forces.”

“Chung: An ex-special forces?”

“Junger: Yes, Vietnam era. That is not unheard of. There was an ex-special forces American soldier who was providing security for bin Laden in Sudan in '94, I believe it was. So, that kind of crossover from sort of alienated American military or right-wing extremists is not unheard of.

He has identified these men to me. The U.S. government, of course, is quite careful about what they confirm and don't confirm. So I haven't gotten anything back from this side. But there's an enormous amount of evidence that this activity is happening.”

He goes on to say that he does have sources inside the U.S. government.

Folks, the Republican report put out by the Senate Committee in ’99 said al Qaeda was there with the CIA running the attack on the Serbs. Of course, they’re “former” Special Forces soldiers around al Qaeda. Al Qaeda works for the globalists for the U.S. Government. I told you this was coming. Absolutely assured of it. This is how they sic Homeland Security on the American people. We’ve got to get out who is really behind the terrorism now.


We know what the globalist plan is. They carry out terrorist attacks. They have right-wing patsys at the scenes. They have Iraqis in their employ since the ‘80s, right through the ‘90s. Until today, seen on tape. They shelve that information and wait to release it until they move into the next phase of their operation – global domination. That’s how they get their domestic operations rolling.

I told you this was the plan and now they are putting it out on talk radio – all over the place, going Iraqis – we’re in love. Of course, they don’t say why were they in custody and released by the federal government right after Oklahoma City, the week after. Why won’t they release the surveillance camera tapes? Why did the founder of the FBI Hostage Rescue Team and the Chief of terrorism, that individual, why did he have hotel receipts as being checked in the night before the bombing but claimed it was in a whole other state? And (he) had to drive as fast as he could to get there because all the planes were busy. There was no record, of course, so he had to say he drove. Why were Feds seen by Jane Graham, the head of HUD there in the building, planting what she said were large gray sticks of butter, plastic explosives. And now they’re doing it just like we knew they would. And, boy, you want me to tell you what they’ll do after they launch this story? They’ll launch this story just in time to get it in your minds that it’s the right-wing when cities start vaporizing.

Bush, said yesterday in his speech that, you know, al Qaeda could hit us and he mentioned his Cincinnati speech where he said that nuclear, chemical or biological – they could destroy a whole city just like that and leave no fingerprints. Oh we know they’ll be no fingerprints. So, you can never get caught for what you are about to do – and things you and your kind have already done. That’s why I boldly get up here on this show and tell you the truth. What’s the first thing our so-called right-wing president does once he gets in office? Once he gets his sweep going? Once he gets control of all three-branches of government? Why they start floating their stories that the right-wing is going to get you. Now, the UN has signed onto the Iraq Resolution and when they’ve killed Saddam, they’ve killed their patsy so he can’t speak up, they are going to tear this county apart, perhaps other countries and they are going with a wave of untold terrorism and say Saddam did it with the right-wing. What are we going to do? And the left-wing will embrace Bush in a vitriolic blood-lust saying it’s so good, we love Bush. He’s saving us from the right-wing. This is so sick. It makes my head spin.

This is America, ladies and gentlemen. This is the reality. I told you this. I told you this on Monday. I told you this on Tuesday. I told you this on Wednesday. I told you this a month ago. I told you this precisely a year ago. I kept telling you and warning you and telling you and warning you over and over and over again. And now it’s happening. Now it’s unfolding. Now it’s developing. This is their program. This is their operation. I might as well just have the secret documents in front of me.

P2OG, they admit is where the government goes out and provokes attacks against America as a pretext for war. Northwoods document calls for the government to carry out the terrorist attacks itself, bombing DC, blowing up aircraft, sinking ships and shooting people and blaming it on patsys and framing them. It talks about, on page 8 and 9 of the Northwoods document, how to frame the patsys. That’s why it’s imperative to get this out to everybody and to get it out now -because we are having an effect. People are waking up. I’m getting reports of conservative, liberal talk show hosts telling the truth on the big local stations around the country. I’m going on the shows and hearing every caller agree and bring forth dynamic and concise information and analysis. The globalists are in trouble so they have got to move and move quick. Yes, they are throwing down the gauntlet, in our face. We are entering the final phases of consolidation. The globalists have not been getting away with it. They’re still moving forward at rampage speed.


AJ: Let's go to Joe Pilchak, former commander Michigan Militia, gubernatorial candidate, they set this whole thing up in '95 after the Oklahoma City bombing. Remember that? Over and over again it is the government itself. Joe, it's all unfolding, isn't it?

JP: It sure is Alex. I got a call from my wife this morning about the Connie Chung interview. And the first thing I picked up, as you mentioned, was they said that Michigan Militia was down there in '85, actually Michigan Militia wasn't started until March of '94. A little bit of background on myself, I joined the Militia in August of '94, started the Brigade in St. Clair County in September of '94. I've been Brigade commander of that brigade ever since. (I've been )Divisional Commander for about 5 years, Southeast Michigan, and in '98 up to 2000, I was State commander. After two years, thought that we needed a little bit of a rest. The Michigan Militia - we are not a bunch of terrorists. We are a bunch of patriots. We swear an oath to uphold the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. We've got a good reputation. Most of the politicians and elected officials in the state, including the sheriff of our county, publicly stood up for us and said that we are good, honest citizens and they have no problem with it.