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Concentration Camps in America

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Alex Jones Presents Police State:  The Enslavenment -- the Information You Need to Fight the New World Order's Big Brother Headline Archive Sept 2003

Sept 2003 Big Brother News Headlines Featured on
UK: Smart cards track commuters
New York City's first subdermal RFID VeriChip "chipping'' procedure performed yesterday at lower Manhattan Authorized VeriChip Center
Oh...They're Closing Echelon and the NSA? Total Lies about the Total Information Awareness Program
Pentagon office creating surveillance system to close
NY Politician Wants $36 million for spy cams for all public schools
Cameras Watching Students, Especially in Biloxi
US privacy flies out the window
When the British fought off ID cards
Privacy Law in California Shields Drivers of Cars with "Black Boxes"
Anger at Bangladeshi snooping plans
Army Admits Using JetBlue Data
500 paedophiles to be tracked by satellite tags
Face-scanning system used at Statue of Liberty
China invests in EU rival to Pentagon's GPS
JetBlue 'Fesses Up, Quietly
Smart tags get serious in Chicago
Big Brother is watching you, and he's keen on your cardigan
IBM jumps on the RFID bandwagon
Computers that know how you feel
'Smart tags' store trial underway
Red Light Cameras in TX: City of Garland Rolls Out SafeLight Garland
U.S. Military to Issue RFID Mandate
Radio Tag Debut Set for This Week


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