Kurt Nimmo
January 21, 2013

Democrat gun-grabbers will do almost anything to get the American people to surrender their right to own firearms.

For instance, New York senator Chuck Schumer, during an interview with the liberaleoisie at AOL’s Huffington Post, called the NRA a “fringe group” of extremists.

My dictionary defines “fringe” as something regarded as peripheral, marginal, secondary, or extreme in relation to something else.

The NRA is the largest gun rights organization in America with a membership of 4.25 million members, making it anything but a fringe group. Following the Sandy Hook massacre, an additional 250,000 members joined the organization.

As we noted earlier today, it now looks like odds are against Democrats enacting any kind of significant gun legislation, not unless a boatload of Democrats want to fall on their swords – in other words, nothing substantial will be gained as a result of Schumer’s lies and the emotional reactionary propaganda now being dispensed by the establishment media.

Schumer admitted that Democrats will have “to push hard” to accomplish anything. It will be interesting to see how many of his co-conspirators will push so hard they end up forfeiting their cushy government jobs.

Of course, in the circus world that prevails in the district of criminals just about anything is possible. The NRA has in the past compromised with the anti-gun radicals and may do so again, especially with the political heat rising.

Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America has listed a few of these compromises.

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