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Concentration Camps in America

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Welcome to our archive page of recent articles related to the Police State. Please note, these articles are not archived locally, so some of the links will break as they are removed from their original servers. If you come across a broken link, we suggest you do a general search or a search using a news search engine like to find the article you are looking for. Try copying the headline into the search engine.

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Nevada officials say no credible threat against Las Vegas
AP -- Nevada's top homeland security official said Friday he had no information suggesting the cancellation of Air France flights this week thwarted a possible terrorist plot to crash an airliner in Las Vegas.

Leader: Terrorists Planned To Attack Vatican On Christmas
Local 6 -- Terrorists planned to attack the Vatican with a hijacked plane on Christmas Day

U.S. wants to question Air France no-shows
CNN -- A senior U.S. counter-terrorism source says investigators are "actively interested" in questioning some of those who did not show up.

No Private Cars to Be Allowed at LAX Airport -- Security Level Highest in 2 Years
NBC4 -- "Passengers at Los Angeles International Airport will be prohibited until Jan. 4 from being dropped off or picked up curbside, officials said in raising security to its highest level at the airport in two years. "

Rumsfeld: 'Bet Your Life' Threat to U.S. Is Serious

Warplanes in the Skies
New York Times -- " Pentagon officials said today that Americans in some areas of the country could expect to see more warplanes in the skies during the holiday season now that a higher antiterrorism alert level is in effect. "

intelligence officials: Bin Laden behind terror threat

Britain on Christmas terror alert
The Scotsman

911:  The Road to Tyranny

Recent Terror News Headlines
Al-Qaida may target both major cities, remote areas
Terror threat to extend through January
Cash-Strapped Cities Grapple with Security Costs
Orange Christmas: Nation's Threat Level Rising to Orange
FLASHBACK: FBI agents say White House scripting 'hysterics' for political effect
He "Had a Hunch:" Buffett Saw Terror Threat
The Clinton View of Iraq-al Qaeda Ties
U.S. Tobacco Companies Accused of Terrorist Ties And Iraqi Sanctions-Busting
British arms dealer 'led dirty bomb plot'
US Urges Citizens to Leave Saudi Arabia
Bin Laden Approved Bombings
U.S.: ‘Credible threat' of major attack in Italy
Bin Laden, Omar won't be taken alive-Pakistan cleric
Terrorist Acts Organized By Russian Secret Services
Bush Senior Met With Bin Laden's Brother on 9/11
Swiss confirm bin Laden bank link
What has become of Britain's 500 'terrorist suspects'?
CBS 11 Investigates Poison Gas Plot
Saudi official blames 'foreigners' for terror
Terrorist base south of border
Al-Qaida terrorists to gas U.S. subways?
Terrorist attacks in Turkey 'imminent'
Despite Warnings, British Foreign Office Left British consulate in Istanbul exposed to a terrorist attack
UK rejects French terror extradition
Allies point the finger at Britain as al-Qaida's 'revolving door'
Britain 'sheltering al-Qaeda leader'
UN: Biological, chemical attack 'a matter of time'
Suspected terrorists given citizenship
Yemen frees 92 repentant al-Qaida suspects and hundreds of others for Ramadan
U.S. Investigates Moscow Theater Siege, Seeking Qaeda Link
CIA rejects claim it sought Osama deal before 9/11
AP: Wanted terrorists plan new attacks
Terrorists May Have Planned Attack on Sears Tower
Two found with video of Sears Tower
U.S. sources forecast attack
Why France lived in fear of 'Londonistan'
Backyard terrorism
US officials warn of more terror attacks
Al Qaeda Reborn
Philippines criticises terrorism warning
FBI has new 9/11 hijacking suspect
U.N. Report: al-Qaida Trained in Somalia
Five Israelis were seen filming as jet liners ploughed into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 ...

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