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[May 31, 2005] Sheriff says he's inclined to return Tasers to schools

[May 17, 2005] Fla. deputy suspended after using Taser on girl

[May 15, 2005] Taser disputes stun gun danger with its own study

[May 14, 2005] Man dies after Taser shot

[May 13, 2005] Readers react to police use of Taser on pregnant driver

[May 10, 2005] Police used Taser on pregnant driver

[May 4, 2005] Phoenix Man Dies After Being Tasered

[April 24, 2005] Police force to pump up Taser stock

[April 21, 2005] Woman Claims She Was Shocked 15 Times With Taser Gun

[April 20, 2005] Cop Charged For Using Taser Gun On Suspect In Hospital Bed

[April 18, 2005] Stun guns potentially fatal, study finds

[April13, 2005] Taser Death Ruled a Homicide

[April 10, 2005] Deputy resigns in Taser incident

[April 6, 2005] Reservist says deputy had no reason to use stun gun

[April 3, 2005] Tasers: A shock to the system

[April 3, 2005] Report Cites 103 Taser-Related Deaths

[March 29, 2005] Family claims baby injured in Taser incident

[March 28, 2005] Firm paid Phoenix councilman to push stun guns - Councilman got $3,500 from Taser

[March 18, 2005] Two big law enforcement divisions ban use of Tasers

[March 13, 2005] Taser Death in Lake City

[March 12, 2005] Officer Quits Over Use Of Taser on Suspect

[March 10, 2005] Man Tasered In Hospital Bed, Forced To Give Urine Sample

[March 10, 2005] Officer Shoots Student With Taser Gun

[March 9, 2005] Taser International Propaganda: Zogby Poll Shows Three-in-Four Americans Support Use of TASER(TM) Devices

[March 8, 2005] Cop accidentally stuns fellow officer with Taser

[March 7, 2005] Sanford man dies when tasered by police

[March 6, 2005] Mother whose teenage son was shocked 16 times by police plans to sue

[March 3, 2005] Police defend use of Taser on girl, 13

[February 28, 2005] Police use Taser on man at eatery

[February 28, 2005] Police say using Taser on cat appropriate

[February 27, 2005] Five Officers Face Disciplinary Charges In Stun Gun Case

[February 23, 2005] Taser moratorium sought in Texas

[February 19, 2005] Man with heart ailment dies after being shocked with Taser

[February 20, 2005] County cops address Taser threat

[February 19, 2005] Police fear civilian taser popularity

[February 20, 2005] Tased and confused: Lifesaver, lethal weapon, aid for crowd control, tool of torture?

[February 18, 2005] Ohio county halts Taser use after death

[February 18, 2005] Taser gun safety is questioned as 85 die

[February 18, 2005] Man begs police not to use stun gun on him during raid

[February 17, 2005] Police Taser and Target the Disabled

[February 14, 2005] Taser announces $675K in stun gun orders

[February 14, 2005] Man Dies After Being Shot With Taser

[February 12, 2005] Man who died after Taser stun was facing trial

[February 2, 2005] Suspect hit by Taser on 9 occasions; 41-year-old died 4 hours after his arrest at art museum

[January 24, 2005] Are Tasers too risky for police officers to use?

[January 22, 2005] Taser to Increase Stun Gun's Power: NY Times

[January 17, 2005] Four teens Tasered in scuffle with Miami-area cops

[January 16, 2005] Is the Taser a safer alternative for a police firearm, or is it a ethal weapon?

[January 13, 2005] Naked Jogger Tasered, Arrested By Arkansas Police

[January 5, 2005] Heart expert warns about using Tasers

[January 5, 2005] Fans Zapped by Tasers at Football Game

[January 03, 2005] Eugene police set aside plans for Tasers

[January 03, 2005] Pacifica Taser Gun Death Under Investigation

[January 02, 2005] Jarring death rate fuels flap over police, Tasers

[January 02, 2005] Jarring death rate fuels flap over police, Tasers

[December 29, 2004] Teen dies after being shot with Taser gun by Collier County Deputies

[December 26, 2004] Officer's injury tied to Taser

[December 22, 2004] Taser, Inc. Gets Research Contract From DoD

[December 21, 2004] Miami Police Use Taser To Subdue Wheelchair-Bound Man

[December 19, 2004] Fla. Officer Uses Stun Gun on 12- Year-Old

[December 17, 2004] Tempe OKs Taser guns for 9 schools

[December 16, 2004] Man Dies After Police Use Taser Gun On Him

[December 15, 2004] Cameras Roll As Police Use Taser Gun To Subdue Suspect

[December 12, 2004] Maker Defends Taser, Stun-Gun in the Sights of Scandal

[December 9, 2004] Homeland Security nominee Kerik sat on board of stun-gun maker

[December 06, 2004] 5 of 7 hit with Tasers were not violent

[December 01, 2004] Dead Inmate was Tasered twice

[December 01, 2004] Police are too Quick to Grab for Taser's Power, Say Critics

[November 30, 2004] Warning on Police Use of Stun Guns After 74 Die

[November 26, 2004] Taser on children OK, police say

[November 21, 2004] School Official Asks Police to Stop Tasers

[November 21, 2004] Cops Taser 14-Year-Old Who Wouldn't Drop Game Boy

[November 15, 2004] Police review policy after Tasers used on kids

[November 12, 2004] Police used Taser gun to subdue 6-year-old student wielding piece of glass

[November 12, 2004] Police State Targets, Tasers, Arrests and Jails Elementary School Children

[November 08, 2004] FAA OKs Tasers on Commercial Flights

November 05, 2004] Man Dies After Police Use Stun Gun on Him

[November 02, 2004] Police defend current weapons

[October 25, 2004]Police Accused Of Firing Taser At Pregnant Bride

[September 09, 2004] ShockRounds(TM) and Electric Shock Weapons in Law Enforcement

[August 01, 2004] Pentagon Looks to Directed-Energy Weapons

[May 25, 2004] Officer's Taser is used on girl, 9

[April 19, 2004] Man Accuses Police of Brutality with Tasers

[March 07, 2004] The Pentagon's Secret Scream

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