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ABC: "The Joint Chiefs even proposed using the potential death of astronaut John Glenn during the first attempt to put an American into orbit as a false pretext for war with Cuba..." (Click Here for the Article)

Baltimore Sun: "The Northwoods plan also proposed that if the 1962 launch of John Glenn into orbit were to fail, resulting in the astronaut's death, the US government would publicize fabricated evidence that Cuba had used electronic interference to sabotage the flight..." (Click Here for the Article)


NASA 'ignored' shuttle safety alert

Nasa chiefs 'repeatedly ignored' safety warnings

Doomed from the start

Photos show odd images near shuttle

Tragedy could unite Americans for war

Security high as shuttle launches with Israel's first astronaut

Israeli astronaut's air force career included bombing an Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981

NASA Engineer Warned of Shuttle Breach

Toledo Blade: Shuttle overheard exploding

Flashback: Photos show odd images near shuttle

Speculation mounts over shuttle photos

FLASHBACK: Isn't it bizarre that the media won't tell us exactly what this man was trying to say about a Jewish astronaut, and that he was flying a plane around Frankfurt trying to get a message out. Now the Columbia has blown up with the first Israeli atronaut onboard.
San Antonio Express News' Demonization of

The writer used the classic tactic of mixing our real information in with psychics and other kooky ideas to discredit anyone who asks questions.




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