More than a year ago The New York Times reported the last of Col. Muammar al-Qaddafi’s chemical arms had been destroyed.

Last February it was claimed all Libyan chemical weapons were destroyed.

The U.S. and Libya “used a transportable oven technology to destroy hundreds of bombs and artillery rounds filled with deadly mustard agent, which American officials had feared could fall into the hands of terrorists,” the newspaper reported on February 2, 2014.

The effort was conducted with funding provided by the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction program with help from the Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency and the Parsons Corporation, a construction company that wasted millions of U.S. tax dollars in Iraq.

Now that the U.S. trained and Gulf Emirate funded Islamic State threatens to take over Libya in the wake of the U.S. invasion of the north African nation, the London-based Arabic newspaper Asharq Alawsat says chemical weapons remain in Libya and are in danger of falling into the hands of the Islamic State.

Asharq Alawsat is a media asset controlled by the Saudi royal family.

“Extremist militias in Libya have taken over stashes of chemical weapons which belonged to the late ruler Muammar Gaddafi, sources in the country,” The Times of Israel reports.

“The sources expressed concern that the non-conventional weaponry, which included mustard gas and sarin gas, could find its way into the hands of Islamic State fighters.”

The claim contradicts what officials said and the Times reported last February.

“The disposal of the last of Libya’s chemical weapons closes a chapter that Colonel Qaddafi began in early 2004, when his government turned over a vast cache of nuclear technology and chemical stockpiles to the United States, Britain and international nuclear inspectors,” the Times added.

WMDs: Effective Propaganda Tool

The weapons of mass destruction ruse prior to the invasion of Iraq proved to be immensely successful in drumming up the required consensus for war.

Moreover, although most Americans are reluctant to intervene directly in the U.S. proxy “civil war” currently underway in Syria, polls show opposition to military intervention declines when the threat of chemical weapons is introduced.

The WMD trump card is being played now that ISIS is supposedly threatening to turn Libya into a base on the southern shore of the Mediterranean, a couple hundred miles from Italy and Europe.

Over the last week the corporate media has played up and exaggerated the prospect of a “gateway” for ISIS from Libya into Europe.

Quilliam, an anti-terrorism British think tank linked to the CFR, released a report claiming the Islamic State will swamp Europe with 500,000 migrants from Libya in a “psychological” attack against the West.

Urgency was added to the alleged threat when Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni told parliament IS will align with Islamic militias in Libya.

“There is an evident risk of an alliance being forged between local groups and Daesh and it is a situation that has to be monitored with maximum attention,” Gentiloni told MPs.

“We find ourselves facing a country with a vast territory and failed institutions and that has potentially grave consequences not only for us but for the stability and sustainability of the transition processes in neighboring African states.”

“The time at our disposal is not infinite and is in danger of running out soon.”

This urgency is now being ratcheted up once again by exploiting the sensationalized threat of weapons of mass destruction despite the previous claim Libya was swept clean of chemical weapons more than a year ago.

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