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    Martial Law
    New Legislation Authorizes FEMA Camps In U.S.
    Defense Department Announces Civilian Expeditionary Workforce
    Foundations are in place for martial law in the US
    U.S. Troops Asked If They Would Shoot American Citizens
    Black Helicopters Over Denver & Florida
    Bush's Martial Law Plan Is So Shocking, Even Congress Can't See it
    Glenn Beck Highlights Threat Of Martial Law Following Economic Crisis
    There’s No Difference Between Martial Law and the Threat of Martial Law
    26,000 Pastors for Martial Law Continuity of Government
    Martial Law 9/11: Rise Of The Police State: Weapon Of Mass Enlightenment
    Bush Re-Authorizes Martial Law Provisions
    Republican Congressman Slams Bush On Militarized Police State Preparation
    Economic Collapse As Precursor To Open Plan For Martial Law?
    Pretext for more martial law: bird flu
    Martial Law Survival Guide
    Congressman Ron Paul Reiterates Danger Of Foreign Troops Being Used For Martial Law

    U.S. Troops In Homeland “Crowd Control” Patrols From October 1st

    Bush Regime Declares Itself Above the Law

    Bush Heads To Colorado For Military Takeover Drill

    Concerns about deployment of military on U.S. soil growing
    Bush Junta "Tools Up" To Fight Americans With Civil Suppression Bill
    Bush Cites Military Takeover In Case Of Flu Outbreak
    Former Congressman Warns Of Martial Law Camps In America
    FBI & Homeland Security behind martial law exercises in Indianapolis

    Gun confiscation
    Total Gun Confiscation of Law Abiding Citizens Begins
    The Painful Lessons Of Hurricane Katrina
    New Orleans Mayor Admits Illegal Gun Confiscation
    NRA: The Untold Story of Gun Confiscation After Katrina


    FEMA: It’s Not About Floods, It’s About Martial Law
    FEMA sources confirm coming martial law
    Inside source reveals FEMA & DHS preparing for mass graves and martial law near Chicago
    Gulags For American Citizens In Final Planning Stages
    Government "Strike Teams" Invade Homes, Harass Flood Victims
    New Legislation Authorizes FEMA Camps In U.S.
    FEMA: The Plan to Kill America
    FEMA's 911 Concentration Camps
    Rex 84: FEMA's Blueprint for Martial Law in America
    FEMA Executive Orders

    Continuity of Government
    Bush Extends 9/11 National Emergency Yet Again
    Investigation into Whether America Is Still a Constitutional Government
    Obama to sign COG orders in first 100 hours
    Continuity of Government documents on the FEMA website
    Vigilant Shield 09: A Cover for Illegal Domestic Operations?
    "Continuity of Government" - A Threat to the Constitution
    Continuity of government
    The Last Roundup


    Posse comitatus, NORTHCOM, and martial law
    Martial Law Will Be Managed By NORTHCOM'S JTF-CS
    Northcom Combat Team Conducts “Humanitarian Support” Exercise in Maryland
    Leahy Concerned About NorthCom’s New Army Unit

    Drumhead Execution Of The “terrorism-era” & Meet Infragard
    InfraGard: The FBI Deputizes Business
    InfraGard: An Unhealthy Government Alliance

    Alex Jones Police State 2000
    Alex Jones Martial Law 911 Rise of the Police State
    Alex Jones Discusses Martial Law on CBS San Antonio
    ALEX JONES on COAST to COAST AM “Domestic Security Force”
    Domestic Military Operations At Camp Pendleton?
    Peter Dale Scott & former Democratic Congressman Dan Hamburg on Continuity of Government
    Ron Paul on Martial Law
    Lou Dobbs Show on Martial Law, Posse Comitatus
    Martial Law Is Coming
    Democracy Now: Military Initiates Martial Law Missions Oct. 1
    Lou Dobbs: Major Public Concerns Of Martial Law
    US prepares for "continuity of government"
    FEMA Coffins
    The Birth Of Fema