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DARPA's Running Man Betting Website

Not unlike the movie, The Running Man, where the bloodthirsty masses are kept in line with a twisted and sadistic game show wherein enemies of the state fight for their lives, DARPA has set up a website where investors can bet on upcoming terror attacks and assassinations. ( is sure that the significance of the reoccurring pyramid theme of the website's logo is not lost on our visitors)

And Now... The program has been "cancelled" --sure, it's "cancelled" just Like the Total Information Awareness Network -- Don't Worry, It'll Be Back under a New Name with Double the Funding -- As With Every Program)

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"Cancelled": Pentagon Abandons Terror Betting

Washington Post

Under fire from all sides, the Pentagon on Tuesday dropped plans for a futures market that would have allowed traders to profit from accurate predictions on terrorism, assassinations and other events in the Middle East.

Pentagon scraps terror betting plans

London Guardian

The Pentagon today said it would abandon plans to create a futures trading market to help predict terrorist attacks and assassinations in the Middle East, after fierce criticism by politicians.

A disgraceful blunder

Kansas City Star

Betting on potential acts of terrorism was a despicable idea that couldn't survive once the American public found out about it. The Pentagon on Tuesday abandoned its plan to operate an online futures trading market that would have allowed obscene wagering on terrorism.

...Too Bad...It Was SUCH a Good Idea, as Propagandized Here:

The Case for Terrorism Futures


Supporters of the project point out that gathering intelligence is often a messy business, with payoffs to unsavory characters and the elimination of potential adversaries. The futures market, ugly as it may sound, doesn't involve any of those moral compromises, said Robin Hanson, one of the earlier promoters of the concept of trading floors for ideas and a PAM project contributor. It's just a way of capturing people's collective wisdom.

Merit in 'terror market'?

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Idea markets" have proven effective in predicting everything from elections to the weather to who will get Oscar nominations. They work by tapping into the collective wisdom of people with a vested interest....

Terrorism `market' has certain allure

Mercury News

The idea of asking people to bet their own money on the outcome of events has a certain allure. In theory, they will do their homework. If they guess, they'll make educated guesses.

Is a Futures Market on Terror Outlandish?


The Policy Analysis Market was part of a larger Pentagon project called FutureMap (an acronym that stands for Futures Markets Applied to Prediction) that is run out of DARPA's Office of Terrorism Information Awareness. (This department was previously called the Office of Total Information Awareness but the Pentagon decided that that just sounded too Orwellian).

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911:  The Road to Tyranny