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The New World Order elite has big plans for Arnold

Most Americans think of Arnold Schwarzenegger as a charismatic bodybuilder who became a famous Hollywood actor and then married into the Kennedy clan. Just beneath the surface of Arnold's façade lies an intricate web of evil including Nazi war criminals, occult rituals, a Rothschild rendezvous, a friendship with once head of the UN and known Nazi, Kurt Waldheim, Warren Buffett (the oracle of Omaha) and many others.

Arnold's Nazi and New World Order Links Revealed

His father was a Nazi and he campaigned for Kurt Waldheim. He was tapped for the Gubernatorial run at the occult-entrenched Bohemian Grove and rubbed elbows with the illuminati at the Rothchilds family home...

What is Bohemian Grove -- the occult ritual and the ultra-elite society -- click here

Arnold & Buffett's 2002 Rothschild Rendezvous

Yet Another Arnold-NWO Link. Check out this AP story, archived on an Arnold Schwartzenegger fan website, which documents Arnold's and Buffet's 2002 meeting in the Rothschild ancestral home.

Let the Games Begin!

BG Darling Schwarzenegger is in the race. Time propagandizes is a full spread including a side-by-side comparison wherein Arnold's "humble beginnings" include the fact that his father was a "police chief



The fact is that Arnold's Father was a police official in the dreaded Nazi SS
Not to mention the fact that he campaigned for Kurt Waldheim (shown with his minion on the left), once the head of the UN and a top Nazi.
In fact, he and Maria Shriver of the Kennedy clan invited Walheim to their wedding (years after he had been part of an international scandal concerning the Nazi party), where this lovely photo was taken. Notice Maria's charming wave...
Californian elite back Schwarzenegger at Bohemian Grove (2nd item)

San Francisco Chronicle

From what we've hear, the Republican hierarchy -- especially those close to former Gov. Pete Wilson -- would favor Schwarzenegger. At least that's the word that came out of the Bohemian Grove this past weekend, where a number of state and national GOPers, including presidential adviser Karl Rove, happened to have gathered at a club getaway.

In The News:

Siege Heil: The Bush-Rove-Schwarzenegger Nazi Nexus and the Destabilization of California

Common Dreams

George W. Bush's grandfather helped finance the Nazi Party. Karl Rove's grandfather allegedly helped run the Nazi Party, and helped build the Birkenau Death Camp. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Austrian father volunteered for the infamous Nazi SA and became a ranking officer.

Schwarzenegger: Total Amnesia?

The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights

Enron E-Mails Show Arnold Met With Ken Lay During Energy Crisis

Arnold's Enron Secret


It's not what Arnold Schwarzenegger did to the girls a decade back that should raise an eyebrow. According to a series of memoranda our office obtained today, it's his dalliance with the boys in a hotel room just two years ago that's the real scandal.

Records: Schwarzenegger violated visa

The Mercury News

Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger has denounced illegal immigration in his bid to become California's next governor, but the Austrian native may have stretched the bounds of United States law to secure his own ticket to America in the 1960s

McClintock Calls on Schwarzenegger to Resign If Charges Prove True

News 10

State Senator Tom McClintock called on Arnold Schwarzenegger to withdraw from the race for governor if allegations of improper sexual advances prove to be true.

Oh Yeah, You Don't Want to Report the Truth in America...L.A. Times Faces Anger for Schwarzenegger Coverage


The Los Angeles Times has had about 1,000 readers cancel subscriptions and been "flooded" with angry letters, calls and e-mail protesting its coverage of Arnold Schwarzenegger alleged sexual harassment of women, it reported on Sunday

Claims True, Arnold Lies


Schwarzenegger, meanwhile, reiterated Friday that he despises Hitler and cannot imagine he ever would have praised him. Late in the day, the Schwarzenegger campaign also issued a statement from "Pumping Iron" director George Butler saying the Hitler remarks were taken out of context and his transcripts may not have been entirely accurate. The campaign said it did not solicit the statement

Schwarzenegger Admired Hitler, Book Proposal Says

New York Times

A film producer who chronicled Arnold Schwarzenegger's rise to fame as a champion bodybuilder in the 1970's circulated a book proposal six years ago that quoted the young Mr. Schwarzenegger expressing admiration for Adolf Hitler.

Schwarzenegger: ‘I Cannot Remember’ Expressing Admiration for Hitler

ABC News

Arnold Schwarzenegger was ready to put his California gubernatorial campaign into high gear with five days left before the election, but after facing allegations of sexual harassment he is now trying to explain claims that he praised Adolf Hitler.

Front-runner lauded Hitler in '75 remark, reports say

Mercury News

While Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger tried to quickly quash new allegations that he had sexually harassed six women over the past 30 years, the Hollywood actor also had to confront new reports Thursday that he once expressed admiration for Adolf Hitler.

Schwarzenegger: 'I apologize'

Boston Globe

Republican front-runner Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted Thursday, five days before the California recall election, that he had "behaved badly" toward women in the past and said he is "deeply sorry" for his actions.

Washington Times Endorses Man Who Admires Hitler, Has Dictator Dreams

Washington Times

Shameless support for the man who is diametrically opposed, in his actions and his policies, to every traditional American value in history

Arnie 'groped' TV girl

This is London

In a devasting interview that could sink the Hollywood actor's bid to become the next governor of California, LWT presenter Anna Richardson claims he ran his hand over her breast in a suite at the Dorchester Hotel

Women say Arnold groped, humiliated them

Los Angeles Times

Six women who came into contact with Arnold Schwarzenegger on movie sets, in studio offices and in other settings over the last three decades say he touched them in a sexual manner without their consent.

Deadline Hollywood: Sex, Lies and a Complicit Media

LA Weekly

What is surprising right now is the continuing way that the media coverage remains muffled about each new explosive Arnold revelation. Not just the political bomb that he boasted about a gangbang and drug taking in a 1977 Oui magazine interview. It’s also the orgy he described in a 1981 Penthouse interview, the groping and fondling ascribed to him by a 2001 Premiere magazine interview, his Nazi father’s real wartime activities unearthed by the Los Angeles Times last month, the broken campaign promises he made in recent weeks, and then, last weekend’s report of alleged racist statements.

Huffington Drops Bid as Schwarzenegger Surges


Long-shot independent candidate Arianna Huffington dropped her bid for governor of California on Tuesday and said she would campaign against the recall of Gov. Gray Davis, while a new poll showed front-runner Arnold Schwarzenegger is surging toward victory.

Many Heads Could Roll if Schwarzenegger Wins

Washington Post

Arnold Schwarzenegger's promise to clean house if he wins California's recall election for governor next week has many nervous state appointees worried their jobs could soon be terminated.

Calif. GOP Leaders Back Schwarzenegger in Recall


Arnold Schwarzenegger picked up an unprecedented endorsement in California's recall election from leaders of the state Republican Party on Monday as Gov. Gray Davis tried to regain momentum eight days before the Oct. 7 vote.


The Mercury News

Arnold Schwarzenegger's decision to run for governor was expected to unleash the kind of screaming tabloid headlines that have dogged high-profile politicians from Bill Clinton to Gary Hart.

Poll: Davis in peril, Schwarzenegger shows strength


Voters in the California recall election might be poised to kick Gov. Gray Davis out and vote Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger in, according to a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll released Sunday

McClintock pressed to quit race: Neo-con elite rally behind Bohemian Arnie

Washington Times

Prominent California Republicans are sharply increasing the pressure on state Sen. Tom McClintock to drop out of the gubernatorial recall election, clearing the field for Arnold Schwarzenegger after a poll showed the actor's performance in Wednesday night's debate was well-received.

Calif. Recall Candidates Clash in Debate

Washington Post

The most-anticipated debate of California's recall campaign quickly descended into a squabble of overlapping attacks Wednesday, forcing the moderator to tame personal comments by four of the five leading candidates seeking to replace Gov. Gray Davis.


Drudge Report

Campaign operatives are scrambling to contain full nude erotic photographs taken by controversialist Robert Mapplethorpe

San Francisco Chronicle: "Schwarzenegger's inner circle looks like Bohemian Grove toga party"

San Francisco Chronicle

As a result, the inner circle of Schwarzenegger's "populist" crusade looks like a Bohemian Grove toga party: Donald Bren, George Shultz, David Murdock, Warren Buffett, and so on.

Schwarzenegger Discusses Sex, Politics on 'Oprah'


Arnold Schwarzenegger on Monday discussed comments he made about sex years ago, prompting wife, Maria Shriver , to put her hand across his mouth to stop him.

Is Arnold the running man?

The Scotsman

Schwarzenegger flanked by Warren Buffet, left, and Lord Rothschild, at stately Waddesdon Manor. But has the actor set his sights on a house of a whiter hue?

Arnold's Dictator Dreams


"At that point, I didn't think about money. I thought about the fame, about just being the greatest. I was dreaming about being some dictator of a country or some savior like Jesus . . .

Schwarzenegger Takes Campaign to 'Oprah'


Arnold Schwarzenegger, who announced his campaign for governor on Jay Leno's "Tonight" show, is getting more national air time courtesy of Oprah Winfrey.

Arnie's spin doctors spun for Yeltsin too

London Guardian

Spin doctors behind Arnold Schwarzenegger's campaign to be Governor of California have come under fire in Russia over a film that shows them as the architects who propelled Boris Yeltsin to victory in the 1996 Russian presidential election


Drudge Report

Another black bodybuilder has come forward claiming that California gubernatorial candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger has a history of making racist comments

Nazi past of Schwarzenegger's father

Toronto Star

The entry in one of millions of papers stored at the Austrian state archives shows that Gustav Schwarzenegger, the late father of the film star now running for governor of California, was a volunteer member of the Sturmabteilung, or SA — the notorious Nazi stormtroopers also known as Brownshirts.

Schwarzenegger’s Nazi problem


Here’s a question Jay Leno forgot to ask Arnold Schwarzenegger when he announced his candidacy for governor of California on last night’s “Tonight Show”: “Will you renounce your support for Kurt Waldheim?”

And Now: Hatch Wants to Get Rid of the Constitution so Arnie Can Terminate the 2nd Amendment

Associated Press

Sen. Orrin Hatch wants to terminate the constitutional prohibition against foreign-born citizens such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and others from becoming president. Article II of the Constitution says that, "No Person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of president."

Arnold's Racist Comments Revealed


"If you gave these blacks a country to run, they would run it down the tubes," Schwarzenegger allegedly said.

Arnold's Pro-Choice

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Abortion: He is pro-choice but opposes the late-term procedure which abortion opponents call "partial-birth" abortion. He supports parental notification, except in cases where there has been abuse in the home, in which case he said the courts could be involved.

...And He Supports Amnesty for Immigrants

San Francisco Chronicle

Schwartz: " Should we have them to stay here, which I think is the right way to do, but how do you then include them in our society, how do you make it official, how do you make it legal?"

Schwarzenegger Makes Light of Wild Past

Washington Post

On the same day that Arnold Schwarzenegger received the endorsement of 20 state Assembly Republicans in his bid to become governor of California, a decades-old interview resurfaced in which the actor copped to a number of titillating high jinks and kinky sexual acts during his years as a bodybuilder.

Read what this gun-grabbing pig had to say about himself in the infamous 1976 Oui Magazine Interview

The Smoking Gun

Arnold Schwarzenegger once told a magazine interviewer about participating in an orgy with other bodybuilders, noting that "everybody jumped on" the woman involved and "took her upstairs where we all got together."

A raunchy interview bedevils Schwarzenegger

San Francisco Chronicle

A 26-year-old interview in which a youthful Arnold Schwarzenegger described his libertine life as a champion bodybuilder has popped up on the Internet, roiling the campaign of the Republican candidate for governor

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