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Schwarzenegger: 'I was dreaming about being some dictator'


LibertyThink has unearthed a 1976 Rolling Stone interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger. In a series of conversations from South Africa to southern California, Ahnold waxes whimsical about his dictatorial ambitions and his thoughts on the untermensch.

Excerpts from "The Hero of Perfected Mass," Rolling Stone June 3, 1976:
Outside the Hotel Burgers Park, in Pretoria, South Africa. . .

Nearby, Robbie Robinson, the current AABA Mr. America... walks thorugh the lobby. . .

Columbu, like the others, is a specialist at anabolizing his muscles-- tearing them down by "bombing them" with concentrated exercise, then supplying them with huge amounts of protein (including artificial steroids) while they're resting to make them grow. . .

Columbu will have to beat Arnold Schwarzenegger, the hero of perfected mass. . .

"I feel you only can have a few leaders," [Arnold] says in a guttural, confident voice, "and then the rest is followers. I feel that I am the born leader and that I've always impressed with being the leader. I hate to be the follower. I had this when I was a little boy. . ."

Arnold grew up in Graz, Austria. His mother was a hausfrau; his father, now dead, a policeman . . .

"Around the time of grammar school, I had this incredible desire to be recognized. . . I got the feeling I was meant to be more than just an average guy running around, that I was chosen to do something special.

"At that point, I didn't think about money. I thought about the fame, about just being the greatest. I was dreaming about being some dictator of a country or some savior like Jesus . . .

"You can say a pump is as good as coming with a chick in bed," he's said. . . .

"Like when guys started smoking when they were 11 years old, I was the first to say, 'No good.' You know, I felt this was for the untermensch-- you know, the low class. . .

"Security," he says, walking out the door towards the Mercedes 450 parked in his driveway, "means nothing to me. There is no security in the world anymore -- that's been proven over and over. You know what happened to the Japanese people in the second World War. If they bought a house they never got it back again. Look at Germany and the Jewish people. Everything was taken away. There is no security. . ."
TOTAL INFORMATION ANALYSIS: Note this has less sex talk than Arnold's sitdown a year later with Oui, a magazine published by Playboy.

- Note that his "policeman" father Gustav was in fact was a Gestapo officer who joined Nazi party when the party was illegal in Austria.

- Note that Robbie Robinson, who was in the opening scenes of the Rolling Stone article in South Africa, is the black bodybuilder who told the Drudge Report last week that Schwarzenegger more than once engaged in racist, slur-ridden tirades.

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Schwartzenegger's Nazi and New World Order Links Revealed

His father was a Nazi and he campaigned for Kurt Waldheim. He was tapped for the Gubernatorial run at the occult-entrenched Bohemian Grove.


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911:  The Road to Tyranny