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City of Austin Cancels Texas Independence Day Parade, But Sponsors Cinco de Mayo and Everything Else As Long As it's not Texan

The University of Texas cancelled Texas Independence Day over 10 years ago and banned any university dept from supporting it.

Now the City of Austin is Saying They Can't Allow the Parade because they can't supply police for it. But every year, for Cinco de Mayo, Austin's downtown is shut down as thousands of screaming people violently wave Mexican flags

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Texas Independence parade canceled because of cost
Associated Press
Feb. 24, 2004

AUSTIN - The annual Texas Independence Day parade in the state capital has been canceled following the City Council's decision against sponsoring the event.

Meanwhile, council members will decide Thursday whether they made the wrong decision in January to not help pay for the parade and fun run.

Celebrate Texas, a nonprofit group, would have to spend $11,800 for the parade and run this year - up from the $5,000 it paid last year, said state Sen. Gonzalo Barrientos, a board member of Celebrate Texas.

City officials estimated that both events would cost about $12,500.

"It's especially sad for me," said Barrientos, D-Austin, who called the decision a "terrible shame" for the state capital.

Barrientos, who sponsored legislation last year to make March "Texas History Month," announced the decision to cancel the parade Monday.

Celebrate Texas will still have events next week, including a memorial for Texas Revolution soldiers and a celebration at the Capitol on March 2. The group had organized the parade since 2000.

The city currently co-sponsors events for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Cinco de Mayo, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Mexican Independence Day and Veterans Day. Councilman Brewster McCracken said the city is trying to resolve the issue quickly.

"This was something we were not aware of as an issue," McCracken told the Austin American-Statesman in Tuesday's editions. "We acted immediately upon learning about it."

Information from: Austin American-Statesman

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911:  The Road to Tyranny