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Baja Beach Club VeriChip Implant Update --Sham Press Event to Promote "Glamorous" Beast System
April 30, 2004

We received this email today from a listener (all emails are in their original format):

hey alex i have forwarded this email that i received
from a guy named vicente who has been covering the
baja beach club promotion of the verichip. please read
the article for yourself that he has attached to the
email and post it on your site. if possible please see
if u can get silvia fominaya an actress who was asked
to get chipped on your radio show. she refused to get
chipped and she was later replaced with another
actress. also the event had to be aborted due to the
chips not being available in time. like i said please
read his email but also the article that is attached
to his email and please post it on your website and
try to get silivia on your show. it would be great to
talk to her to see why she refused to get chipped and
would be great to hear a celebrity refusing to be
chipped. it would be a great counter and damaging to
their propaganda.

Here's the email he forwarded:

At last I have some news. It had costed me a search in three
public libraries but it did find a notice about what happened AFTER the day of the implants ( and I think those are good news !).

It seems that the newspaper "EL PERIODICO" was the only that covered
briefly what happened the day after. I searched for this notice in three
public libraries, because in two of them the issues of EL PERIODICO  of days
March 19 and 20 were lacking  ( a somewhat strange omission, I think ). In a
third library I found it, but only the catalan edition. The spanish edition
was also missing.

Well, that isn´t a problem because my mother language is catalan. I
copied it and scanned it too. I´m sending a copy of the notice ( of
Saturday, March 20, ) with this e-mail.

The notice comments briefly the so-called "desertion" of Silvia Fominaya
and cites all the famous that would be implanted: Ana, Nacho, Aida, Jorge
Berrocal. All of them from Big Brother program. Ana is the first from the
left of photo and was the substitute for Silvia Fominaya. All of them
received an unspecified money amount for their participation

The implantation shold have been performed under medical supervision, but
what happened at last was ( I literally translate ):  "Nevertheless, all the
operation had to be ABORTED because the chip batch wasn´t available in time.
In fact only one verichip prototype was available, and was not advisable to
use it.

Saved by the bell, the "big brothers" made good use of the situation,
behaving like stars before the cameras that should have immortalized the

Well, that explains many things and invalidates all the declarations
made by Chase talking about famous people that WAS implanted in March, 18th.
That was a LIE ! and all the operation was a fiasco.  What isn´t clear is
what happened days after that failure; all those famous had received money
and a contract for the implant and perhaps they will be implanted ( or they
had been already implanted ) in a near future. I will follow my search.

Here's the article he sent (click to enlarge to see full size copy -- in Catalan -- if anyone can translate, please send translation to [email protected])
Article from Spanish Newspaper of Baja Beach Club VeriChip Implant

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Baja Beach Club in Barcelona, Spain Launches Microchip Implantation for VIP Members

UPDATE April 7, 2004 2:30 PM CST

Note from Alex Jones:

I interviewed Conrad Chase for 30 minutes on my syndicated radio broadcast. He told me that the CEO of VeriChip, Mr. Bolton, had told him that there was a plan to use the VeriChip as a global implantable identity system. I asked him if whether in the future you would have to have a chip to get into the club period, and he said yes.

I said laughingly, that you're not going to be a VIP in the world if you don't have a chip, to which he responded that that was a great slogan that he would start using.

He went on to say that all gun owners should have to have a microchip implanted in their hand to be able to own a gun. He also said that the VeriChip company had told him that the Italian government was preparing to implant all of their government workers. He said that this is a great system that he believes will replace credit cards for buying and selling.

I asked him where he was getting all of these ideas and he said that he had learned all of this from discussions with VeriChip, and that he was aware that the plant making the chips was in Beijing, China.

It doesn't get any more bone-chilling than this. They are going to sell microchips as the ultimate in trendiness.


Club Director: "The chip will prevail...I believe wholeheartedly in the chip system."

Violet Jones
April 7, 2004

Baja Beach Club owner Conrad Chase wanted something unique to identify his VIP patrons. Other clubs had special jewelry or key chains, but he was looking for something special. After brainstorming, he came up with the idea to implant his VIP members with VeriChip's implantable microchip.

Alex has spoken many times over the years about how they would make the chip "fun," and how, by giving it an elite status, an entire generation of young teenagers would soon be arguing with their parents demanding that they let them be implanted so that they can be in the "in" crowd. The Baja Beach Club and Chase have proved that the trend has started.

When I spoke to Mr. Chase this morning he told me that his implant launch had gotten the international media's attention. He himself was implanted at the media launch of the VIP implant system along with stars from the Spanish version of the TV Show, "Big Brother," (called "Grand Hermano" in Spain).

He also told me that he had been in touch with the VeriChip Corporation and that there were several new developments with their implant system including the Belgian subsidiary of firearm company, FN Herstal, which manufactures Browning and Smith and Wesson firearms, launching a implant-firearm system which would make a firearm functional only to the individual implanted with its corresponding microchip.

The Baja Beach Club is one of Barcelona's hottest night spots. The website describes its VIP area:

"En Baja Beach Club contamos con una zona especialmente habilitada para nuestro público VIP, así como diversos servicios exclusivos para dicho público.

Somos la primera discoteca del mundo en ofrecer el VIP VeriChip. Mediante un chip digital integrado, nuestros VIPs pueden identificarse cómo tal, así como pagar sus consumiciones sin la necesidad de aportar ningún tipo de documento.


"We have a special zone at Baja beach Club where only VIPs are allowed, which has various exclusive services for these members.

We are the first discotheque in the world to offer the VIP VeriChip. Using an integrated (imbedded) microchip, our VIPS can identify themselves and pay for their food and drinks without the need for any kind of document (ID)."


Here's an interview with Conrad Chase from the website, its translation follows:

"Conrad Chase, director del Baja Beach Club, accede a una entrevista de la agencia EFE hablando sobre el VIP VeriChip.

Tal como explicas, el Verichip es una tecnología consistente en el implante de un chip digital bajo la piel. ¿Qué motivo te ha inducido a utilizar esta tecnología en un local como el Baja Beach Club?

Dos razones. La primera es seguir la filosofía de originalidad que Baja Beach Club ha llevado desde el principio. Y la segunda es sacar provecho a la teconología más avanzada.

La mayoría de empresarios de la noche no son originales, suelen copiar lo que otra gente crea. Sólo en la provincia de Barcelona, podemos contar más de 5 copias del Baja Beach Club.

La imposición de este chip bajo la piel, se hace mediante una jeringa. ¿Este método de imposición provoca alguna molestia o efecto secundario?.

El chip es de vidrio, totalmente inocuo y llega con una jeringa de único uso esterilizada.

Conrad, ¿crees que el VeriChip tendrá buena acogida?

Si, conozco a mucha gente con ganas de implantárselo. Actualmente, casi todo el mundo lleva piercings, tatuajes o silicona.

¿Llevas tatuajes, piercings o silicona?

No, aunque he llevado piercings. Quizás algún día me tatue el logo del Baja.

En la vida rutinaria, ¿provoca alguna molestia?, ¿es detectable por los sensores de metales?.

(Risas), mucha gente me pregunta esto. Molestia no provoca ninguna, no se engancha, no pincha, no duele… Y detectable por los sensores de metales… bueno, quizás, pero cualquier botón de tejano lleva 10 veces más metal que el Verichip.

¿Quién se encarga de implantarlo?

Su colocación la puede hacer cualquier persona con la titulación de ATS, aunque, en el Baja Beach, la colocación la hará un médico.

¿Cómo se puede extraer?

Es un proceso muy sencillo. Tan sencillo como extraer una pequeña astilla.

¿Qué ventajas tendrá en el Baja Beach Club un cliente que se lo quiera poner?,

No hace falta llevar monedero. Con sólo pasar por nuestro lector, Baja Beach Club conocerá quién es, y de qué saldo dispone. De momento también tendrá entrada libre y acceso a la zona VIP que inauguramos el día 25 de marzo.

¿Es gratuito para vuestros clientes?

El día de su lanzamiento, lo regalaremos a todos nuestros VIPs. A partir de ese día el coste de implantación será de 125€.

¿Si me implanto el VeriChip, me servirá sólo para el Baja?

El objetivo de esta tecnología es llevar un sistema de identificación a nivel mundial que anule la necesidad de llevar documento de identidad y tarjeta de crédito. El Verichip que implantaremos en el Baja, no será sólo para el Baja, también es útil para cualquier otra empresa que haga uso de esta tecnología."


Conrad Chase, Director of Baja Beach Club's Interview with the EFE News Agency about the VIP VeriChip

As you explain it, the VeriChip is a technology consisting of the implantation of a digital chip under the skin. What was your motivation in introducing the use of this technology in a location like the Baja Beach Club.

Two reasons. The first is to follow the philosophy of originality that the Baja Beach Club has had from its origination. The second is to benefit from the latest most advanced technology.

The majority of night clubs aren't originals and only copy that which other people have created. In the province of Barcelona, we have for the 5 copy-cats of the Baja Beach Club.

The placement of this sub dermal chip is done with a syringe. Does this implantation method cause any troubles or side effects?

The chip is made of glass, totally innocuous and is implanted by a a single-use, sterilized syringe.

Conrad, do you think that the VeriChip will have a warm reception?

Yes, I know many people who want to be implanted. Actually, almost everybody has piercings, tattoos or silicone.

Do you have tattoos, piercings or silicone?

No, but I have worn piercings. Maybe one day I'll get a tattoo of the Baja Beach Club logo.

In routine daily life does (the chip) cause you any trouble? No metal detectors react to it?

(Laughs) Lots of people ask me this. It doesn't cause any problems, it doesn't pinch, it doesn't far as being detectible by metal detectors...well, maybe, but any Texan button has 10 times more metal that the VeriChip.

Who implants the chip?

The implantation can be done by any person with an ATS title, and in The Baja Beach the implantation will be done by a medic.

How is it extracted?

It's a very simple process. As easy as extracting a small splinter.

What advantages will a baja Beach Club client that wants to be implanted have?

You won't have to carry a wallet. By simply passing by our reader, the Baja beach Club will know who you are and what your credit balance is. From the moment of their implantation they will also have free entry and access to the VIP area which we will formally open the 25th of March.

Is it free for your clients?

On the day of the launch, we are giving it for free to all of our VIPS. After that day, the cost of implantation will be 125 Euros.

If I implant myself will it only be valid at the Baja?

The objective of this technology is to bring an ID system to a global level that will destroy the need to carry ID documents and credit cards. The veriChip the we implant in the Baja will not only be for the Baja, but is also useful for whatever other enterprise that makes use of this technology.


Visit the Baja Beach Club's website at:

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Related Info:

Applications Continue to Grow for Applied Digital Solutions' VeriPay; Baja Beach Club in Barcelona, Spain Employs RFID Technology for Cashless Payment System

PALM BEACH, Fla--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 5, 2004--Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADSXD), an advanced technology development company, today announced that Baja Beach Clubs International had employed the VeriPay System, developed by Applied Digital's VeriChip Corporation, at a night club in Spain.

Launched at a global security conference in November, 2003, the VeriPay System is a new syringe-injectable microchip implant for humans, designed to be used as a fraud-proof payment method for cash and credit-card transactions. The chip implant is an advance over credit cards and smart cards, which, absent biometrics and appropriate safeguard technologies, are subject to theft, resulting in identity fraud.

"We are the only company today offering human implantable ID technology," said Scott R. Silverman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Applied Digital Solutions. "We believe the market opportunity for this technology is substantial, and high-profile successes such as in Spain will serve as catalysts for broader adoption."

"The VeriPay chipping event was a huge success," said Conrad K. Chase, Director of the Baja Beach Clubs International. "Everyone embraced the electronic payment application. My customers like the fact that they do not have to carry a credit card or ID card with them. With the VeriPay system, they no longer have to worry about their credit cards getting lost or stolen."

About Applied Digital Solutions, Inc.

Applied Digital Solutions is an advanced technology development company that focuses on a range of early warning alert, miniaturized power sources and security monitoring systems combined with the comprehensive data management services required to support them. Through its Advanced Wireless unit, the Company specializes in security-related data collection, value-added data intelligence and complex data delivery systems for a wide variety of end users including commercial operations, government agencies and consumers. For more information, visit the company's website at .

Statements about the Company's future expectations, including future revenues and earnings, and all other statements in this press release other than historical facts are "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and as that term is defined in the Private Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties and are subject to change at any time, and the Company's actual results could differ materially from expected results. The Company undertakes no obligation to update forward-looking statements to reflect subsequently occurring events or circumstances.




Rumor Mill News
Posted By: Spectator < Send E-Mail >
Date: Tuesday, 6 April 2004, 7:32 p.m.

I have read about many fronts opened for to impose microchipping on people. First all starts with proposals to implant people that were forced to obey orders ( Proposed microchipping on US military ) or depend on the state institutions ( proposal for implant all the homeless ) even proposals for implant elderly people

As a sign of things to come, in March, 18th: Here, in Barcelona we had another front open: the recreational front, as an attempt to make “fashionable” the implant.

The Baja Beach Club disco/bar ( in the Olympic port, a great night
recreational area ) will be the first disco/bar in Spain that will implant
on his/her clients an injectable subcutaneous transponder that will give
them free access without documentation, pay the consummations and have access
to the VIP room.

The inauguration of the method was presented by some famous people that
were "microchipped". That was shown in TV programs and shows.

Even more ominous were the declarations of the disco/bar owners, "The
chip will prevail in the future, because in those times the people will use
it as cash, obviating the need of a credit card." I think that the first
stage of "microchipping" of people has reached our country; that is being
launched to appeal to young people in first place.

Conrad Chase, The director of the Baja beach Disco-Bars ( There are more Baja Beach Discos in other countries, Netherlands, as an example ) is the responsible of the Verichip injection for his clients. He explained that a simple injection will implant this chip. This implant will be used for to charge money or automatically open the doors. “When the client is entering into the discotheque we will know who is and what is his/her account status.”
The injection will cost $ 153.

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