Planned Parenthood’s Twitter account went into meltdown yesterday as the organisation launched a full on attack on Rand Paul, sending out tweet after tweet bashing the latest Presidential candidate from every conceivable angle.

Unfortunately for the nation’s largest abortion provider, the Twitterverse didn’t appreciate the spam fest and hit back hard with some home truths.

The ‘pro-choice’ organisation essentially sees Paul as an “anti-freedom” “extremist” who has no time for “women’s rights”.

Here’s just a selection of the verbal vitriol spewed from @PPact yesterday:

And the responses came pouring in:

Another tweet accused Paul of catering to every section of society APART from women, as Paul’s website provides a section allowing users to download images of social identifiers to post on their social media accounts.

Many respondents noted that women can be nurses, lawyers, doctors, veterans, African Americans, Iowans – and practically everything else listed on Paul’s website. Implying they cannot is both sexist and dumb.

Of course, just as there is no section titled “women for Rand Paul,” there is also no section devoted to “men for Rand Paul,” because as one twitter user noted, that would be stupid.

Still PP, attempting damage control, suggested women would never support Paul’s bid.

The organisation then, remarkably, referred to women as “Beyonce Voters” in a further tweet, prompting even more hilarious backlash.

Of course, the accusation that Rand Paul does not support equality for women is also patently false. Paul’s campaign is brimming over with women, as many of his key early hires have been women, including Rachel Kania, who will head up his digital office based in Austin, Texas.

Melissa Conway, Director of External Relations for Texas Right to Life (and a woman if you want to go there), told reporters with Breitbart News that PP was displaying incredible shortsightedness in believing that it represents the views of all women in America.

“Planned Parenthood Action Committee fails to recognize that women represent many segments of voters, not just abortion advocates,” said Conway. “A large majority of pro-life supporters are women. To say that any candidate who is pro-life will lack support from women is not only wrong, but also absurd. As evidenced by voting in Texas, pro-life women vote for substantial pro-life candidates, and these women represent a strong majority of voters.”

Rand Paul Paul, a physician by trade, expressly lays out his views on abortion on his website. A section titled “Sanctity of Life” declares that Paul “strongly believe[s] in the sanctity of life” and “life begins at conception and…abortion takes the life of an innocent human being.”


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham, and a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University.

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