Exclusive: Committee Witnesses Bribed inside Texas State Capitol
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Committee Witnesses Bribed
inside Texas State Capitol
by Ed Hohmann -- Exclusive

Shortly after testifying before the Texas House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee, one of the witnesses was seen paying off three other witnesses, apparently in return for their testimony in favor of a massive stack of anti-American legislation designed to disarm the people of Texas. When confronted in the hallway just outside of the hearing room, the gang members, who had each been paid $400, laughed and joked, a la Bill Clinton, that the payoffs were "campaign contributions". Video of the payoff taken by Alex Jones is available on the website.

The hearing itself was a sham and a show orchestrated for the controlled media. From 2:00 in the afternoon until 7:30 in the evening, the same, small handful of witnesses took turns testifying at length in favor of House bills that were direct attacks on the Constitution of the United States. The Second Amendment was specifically targeted, with bill after bill listing restrictions to be placed upon Constitutionally protected firearms. One bizarre bill would even outlaw Constitutional militias while protecting agent provocateurs.

Hour after hour, witnesses testified as to the "need" to ban guns. The young men from Houston who were paid off, testified in gang-like regalia before the committee, making statements such as, "White people are all racists" and, "If you donít give us your guns, youíre gonna get killed!" Meanwhile, dozens of judges, police officers, and military veterans, who were there to testify on behalf of the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, were kept waiting.

It was not until after 7:30 at night, when the controlled media reporters took their cameras back to their stations to do their evening "news" broadcasts, that any pro-Constitutional testimony was allowed.

One of the pro-Constitution witnesses was a state judge from Fort Worth who testified, "The Second Amendment is there to protect us from tyranny."

Even the State Police that patrol the capitol were shocked by the sentiments expressed by the gun-grabbers, which included a handful of the "Million Moms" who revealed what kind of Moms they are. When informed by Alex Jones that Hitler was for gun control, they sweetly replied, "Yea, Hitler! Go Hitler!" and began cussing at Alex while nearby State Police listened with their mouths open. Several of the police later told Alex, "Youíre right about all this!"

Several of the House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee members who are against the bills told Alex that they listen to his show and watch him on television. These are good Texans who, unfortunately, are a minority on the Committee. However, they need our support to get these bills amended or thrown out.

Exclusive Video Shot by Alex Jones at the Texas State Capitol Committee for Jurisprudence's Public Hearing on Various Gun Grab Bills. Gun Grab Organization Handler Caught in the Act of Paying off Young Thugs for the Anti-Second Amendment Testimony They Gave.

Watch the Payoff -- 56K Connections or Slower
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Payments made to backers of gun bills

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