Kurt Nimmo
March 26, 2013

Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are preparing to do battle over legislation moving through Congress to further erode the Second Amendment and disarm the American people.

In a letter addressed to Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, Paul and Cruz said they will oppose “any legislation that would infringe on the American people’s constitutional right to bear arms, or on their ability to exercise this right without being subjected to government surveillance.”

MSNBC trots out Sandy Hook victim in report on Paul and Cruz letter.

Moreover, they will use cloture – forcing a time limit on the consideration of legislation – on “any legislation that will serve as a vehicle for any additional gun restrictions.”

“The second Amendment to the Constitution protects citizens’ right to self-defense,” the letter states. “It speaks to history’s lesson that government cannot be in all places at all times, and history’s warning about the oppression of a government that tries.”

Republicans opposed to anti-gun legislation in the Senate are concerned that after a bill is introduced, Democrats will attempt to pile on amendments that will further restrict the constitutional right to own and bear firearms.

Reid has indicated he will allow Democrats to reintroduce measures stripped from the bill while in committee – most notably, those proposed by Senator Dianne Feinstein. The California Democrat sponsored legislation that would outlaw more than 150 semiautomatic firearms and limit the number of rounds the government would allow in a magazine.

Although the word “filibuster” was not used in the letter, the establishment media has decided to portray the effort to save the Second Amendment as obstructionism.

Earlier this month, Senator Paul conducted a filibuster in response to the Obama administration’s use of drones in the United States. According to a recent Gallup poll, a large number of Americans – 79 percent – support the senator from Kentucky’s stance.

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