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Jan 7, 2013

All Americans who have been prescribed psychiatric medications could be denied their constitutional rights under gun control legislation expected to be introduced into the U.S. Senate on January 22nd. Although the actual text of the bill is not yet available to the public, the heavy emphasis on “mental health” in recent gun control discussions echoes the present-day denial of Second Amendment rights to veterans diagnosed with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

In an effort to deny gun ownership “privileges” to as many Americans as possible, Sen. Feinstein and other proponents of total citizen disarmament could simply expand the definition of those deemed “mentally unfit” for gun purchases to include anyone who has ever been prescribed an antidepressant or a drug for ADHD.

I give credit for this realization to Jon Rappoport, editor of No More Fake News. In a phone conversation yesterday evening, he brought this to my attention, even describing psychiatrists as “the new cops” who get to determine whether you have any rights at all.

Conducting further research on the subject, I found that a national database of prescription drug users already exists. It was created by the National All Schedules Prescription Electronic Reporting Act (NASPER) signed into law by President George W. Bush in 2005.

A government prescription drug surveillance program is already in place

The intent of the NASPRE law was to stop patients from “doc hopping” from one city or state to another in a scam to acquire prescription “controlled substances” such as powerful painkillers. But the effort to monitor controlled substances has morphed into something far more insidious: a multi-state, data-sharing prescription drug surveillance program now run by 48 states.

The website for that program is www.pmpalliance.org which lists its board members as heads of the very same pharmacies that sell controlled substances for profit. And guess where PMPalliance.org gets its funding? The U.S. Dept. of Justice.

This means Obama can simply issue an executive orderrequiring the DOJ start using the patient prescription surveillance data for a whole new reason: To add people to a “NO GUN BUY list” in much the same way people are mysteriously added to the TSA’s “no-fly lists” today. (Once you’re on the no-fly list, there’s no way to remove yourself from it, no way to challenge being on the list, no due process and absolutely no ability to sue the government to try to get off the list.)

If you take antidepressants, you could be denied the right to self defense

The upshot of all this is that if you ever have purchased prescribed antidepressants or other psychiatric drugs, that record already exists in a government database that could soon be used against you as a weapon to deny you your constitutional rights.

All the government has to do is copy the entire database of psychiatric medication patients it already possesses, then paste that list into the FBI’s instant gun-purchase background check system known as NICS.

Once flagged in the NICS database, you will never be able to legally purchase a firearm again in America.

Importantly, this action does not require any new laws to be passed by Congress. Obama can simply invoke this with an executive order, then demand the FBI and ATF begin to immediately enforce this new regulation, even if it is utterly unconstitutional.

Yet another reason to never purchase antidepressants or other psych drugs

The possibility of this “mental health crackdown” on Second Amendment rights is yet another reason to avoid ever purchasing or using such medications. Not only are SSRI drugs linked to violence and suicides; simply purchasing a bottle of such medications causes your name to be recorded in a government database as having done so. This can immediately flag you as “guilty” even if you’ve never done anything wrong.

Your prescription drug history can obviously be used against you, completely outside any court of law or due process. In the same way, counseling records of your sessions with psychologists may also be used against you. Although such records are supposed to be protected by law, those laws can simply be overridden by a single signature from President Obama, invoking a “national emergency for the children” or similarly manipulative language. As long as it’s “for the children,” you see, gutting the entire Bill of Rights is morally justifiable, isn’t it?

Parents may be denied Second Amendment rights if their children are taking psychiatric drugs

It’s not even necessary that you take the drugs yourself in order to be added to the “no gun buy list.” Merely having your children on such drugs could be sufficient to have your name added to the list.

Why? Because, as you may recall, the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut involved a young man undergoing psychiatric treatment who stole firearms from his mother and used them to carry out the crime. Thus, government lawyers or bureaucrats can simply argue that no household in which a psychiatric drug patient resides can be allowed to purchase or possess any firearms of any kind.

Don’t think this is possible? Ten years ago, nobody would have thought the TSA would be sexually molesting elderly woman at the airports. Nobody thought the U.S. President would sign a law “legalizing” secret arrests and detainment of U.S. citizens. Nobody thought the government would take over health care and thereby build a federal database of patient records. Nobody ever thought the government would launch a network of domestic surveillance drones to spy on us from the skies. And on top of all that, Obama promised he would never come after your guns.

The road to tyranny is paved with “nobody ever thought” realizations. This is why it’s so important to keep government small and out of our private lives. When the government doesn’t run healthcare, it doesn’t have access to patient prescription records. When the government doesn’t control what food you can buy and sell, we don’t end up with armed raids on raw milk distributors. When the government doesn’t run the education system, we don’t end up with insanely stupid ideas like announcing all our children are completely unprotected by posting “Gun Free Zone” signs outside public schools. (That was a federal program, can’t you tell?)

Get the government out of our lives and we’ll have no wars, no terrorism, no overpriced health care and no school shootings. The government is the PROBLEM. The solution is to drastically cut the size and scope of government.

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